Successful evangelism in Zimbabwe


We always give glory and honour to God who gives us the ability and zeal to advance the cause of His kingdom. We are always grateful when we look back in the month and see the hand of God in a number of areas. To Him, we remain grateful.. This report gives a glimpse to some of the issues, successes and challenges that transpired in the month of October.


The past few months have seen the prices of consumer goods increasing because of a number of challenges the country is facing, both politically and economically. The following extract is a capsule of the situation;

Consumer prices in Zimbabwe increased 2.24% year-on-year in October of 2017, accelerating from 0.78% in September. It was the highest inflation rate since May 2013. On a monthly basis, consumer prices went up 1.54%, following a 0.38% rise in September.[1]

Cash shortages have also continued to haunt the majority of people. The shortages have remained the same for a number of months now. This is the environment that BVBIZ exists in and the school has not been spared either by these scourges. The rise in inflation has put more strain on the available resources. Our prayers are that things normalize. In the meantime, we request your prayers for both the country and the school.


On the 17th and 18th of November, the school held a strategic planning seminar in partial fulfillment of the subject “Church Growth.” Brother Zungunde, a specialist in the area, was the facilitator. The 17th was reserved for students only while a combined and practical session was held on the 18th. Church leaders from 3 congregations in Gweru benefited from the session. The major goal is to see congregations growing, strategic planning being a major ingredient. It follows that churches do not grow by accident or through haphazard methods or chaotic exercises but through a spiritual and well thought out and planned effort.


The current students at BVBIZ are left with just one term and a field practicum to finish their studies. The school is now increasing efforts to systematically develop them for the other life beyond BVBIZ. One route is to have experienced preachers in the field sharing their experiences and survival skills to the students. On the 16th of November, Brother George Muhura from Kadoma spent the day with students. The thrust was to help students to appreciate the need for self-development and to remind them of some survival skills to use as they preach.


Practicals are key at BVBIZ.  Weekly evangelism programs continued in the month of November. Students went to different areas in the month namely; Julena, Mkoba 12, Mkoba 17, Nahville, Insukamini, Mambo, Harben Park, Kwekwe and Gokwe. The efforts resulted in 7 baptisms.

The rain season is here. On the 25th of November, the school planted almost a hectare of maize. We are hoping to plant about a hectare of sugar beans later in the season. These will go a long way to cushion the school in terms of food requirements.


BVBIZ appreciates congregations that have requested our students to work with them during their 5 week break. The following table shows the students who availed themselves to the work and the congregations involved.


As BVBIZ goes for a break, we would like to thank everyone who has contributed one way or another to BVBIZ, materially, financially or morally. We appreciate all visiting teachers whose knowledge, dedication and sacrifices have taken BVBIZ to another level. The school could not be where it is now without your support. May the God of heaven remember you all as you do your part in the furtherance of this noble work.


Mathew Muchingam

Posted on December 8, 2017 .