Graduation in Tamale

School Re-opened:

The term began with our eighteen students reporting on November 5th. For the first time in several years all the students reported on the day before re-opening day and organized themselves for the school and the academic work. They began their first class with Francis Ayine on Old Testament and at the same time preparing the ground for the upcoming lectureship and graduation.

All our instructors are well committed and taking their lessons very serious with the students. The school management team and the board of directors are all up to the task and everything is fined.

Lectureship and Graduation:

The school organized three days lectureship and graduation to past out the five dedicated students who have successfully finished with their two years course of studies in the school, past students, and current students. The theme was: “WORSHIPING GOD IN TRUTH AND IN SPIRIT”. The topics and speakers were:

1. Worship in the Old Testament-Anthony Antumwini

2. Worship in the New Testament-Kojo Acquah Beenyi

3. Lord Supper (do this in remembrance of me)-Ken Kesse

4. Giving (God loves a cheerful giver)-Francis Ayine

5. Prayer (pray without ceasing)-Timothy Niligirni

6. Singing (praising God and speaking to one another)-Thomas Donzie

7. Preaching (preach the word)-Keith Kasarjian

8. Worship in Spirit and Truth-Steven Ashcraft

The attendance was: Past students 28, current students 18, other preachers 9, board members 7, Church members 32, and American brothers 2 making a total of 96. Everything was fine and we had a sweet fellowship. Both the current and the past students were greatly edified.

We want to express our gratitude to Brother Steven and the brethren in USA who took it upon themselves to sponsor this program. May the good Lord bless all of you for your love and kindness.

The students graduated were:

1. Dokurugu Enoch Bilfort from Bakpaba

2. Mbun Akudugu Ezekiel from Baku

3. Madan Simon Gnayor from Saboba

4. Joseph Konlaan from Abese

5. John Tobu Nignan from Gbingbaliga

Students Produced Maize

Our students did some farming this year and their labour was blessed with good harvest of maize. Currently the maize is stored. In the recent 2-day lectureship, we all ate two meals daily from food prepared with corn and that saved the school some money. We are planning to grow some peanut (we call it groundnut) and yam too.


We are grateful to have brother Keith Kasarjian visit us at Tamale. He spoke at our lectureship and was the Guest Speaker at the school’s graduation.


Alex Jabado

Posted on December 8, 2017 .