Agriculture seminar in Nigeria

Dear fellow soldiers of Christ, 
Greetings from BVBIN and SWSE,Butubutu, Ibadan and fellow WBSFUW team in South West Nigeria. 

Bro. Ebenezer Udofia of Healing Hands International, Kenya arrived Ibadan by 11:30am for Agriculture Seminar on Wednesday, September 27,2017 and was picked up at Ibadan Air Port by the School director, Bro. Makinde Ebens and reached the school main campus some minutes later for the business of the day.

The seminar was held in Bro. Doug Wheeler Event Hallfor over two hours. Bro. Kayode Solomon Eniafe served as the moderator while Bro. Ebenezer Udofia taught extensively on animal husbandry and animals nutrition.  The program was attended by the students and some of the instructors. 

In conclusion, one of the students named Bro. Andrew Adeolu gave vote of thanks on behalf of the school with closing prayer by Bro. Ebenezer Olugbenga Ojo by 5:00pm.
Brethren, we appreciate so much the present of Bro. Ebenezer Udofia in our school for the short time. May the Lord of blessings continue to bless all our efforts in Christ 's name, amen. 

Your fellow soldier of Christ..... Makinde Ebenezer Olufemi (Director of Studies & Chairman of Administrative Council, BVBIN & SWSE AND WBSFUW COORDINATOR)

Posted on October 11, 2017 .