Reports Overflowing With The Increase Of God...

Classes are in full swing at the Denver campus of the Bear Valley Bible Institute. Sixteen new students began classes last Monday and are on their way to a wonderful two years dedicated to preparing themselves for ministry work. This group of students is impressive. Nine of the students are married with a total of fourteen children. When these thirty-four family members graced the stage at the Bear Valley congregation, along with the current student body behind them, it was an incredible sight. We are encouraged, to say the least, with this intake of students and their potential for future service in the kingdom.

Amazing news continues to flow from the reports received this week in the extension program. The report from David Ballard about the work in the Mbanga prison is exciting as twenty men were baptized into Christ. Troy Spradlin shares news about the leadership growth within the church in Paraguay, Howell Ferguson talks about the development of the mission in Chimala, and news from Ghana discusses the advancement of the program of study at the West Coast School of Preaching in Takoradi. And this is only the beginning. Additional reports share more about the continual blessings of our God on the efforts of these Christians.

As we continue to move forward with the development of the work in each location, we will share news from new locations where Bear Valley is privileged to begin training men to preach the gospel. A new school begins this month in Zambia and we are preparing the ground for new locations in Malawi and Fiji around the first of the year, and more in 2016. We look forward to sharing the development of this program as it grows in the months and year ahead.

Now on to this week’s incredible reports...

Coordinator Updates
Reports from the coordinators are now located on the website, under Staff Reports. The address is

The latest report from Howell Ferguson can be read by clicking here.

Extension Reports 

I Cannot Fight With God, So Allow The Church Of Christ The Word Of God: This is a beautiful story of God working through a public official to allow the gospel to be preached.

Angels Rejoice As God Gives The Increase At Mbanga Prison: An outreach program to the prisoners in Mbanga witnessed the increase of God as twenty men obeyed the gospel.

Attempts To Move The School Opened Doors For A New Location: Recent attempts to move to a new location in Ukraine were met with resistance, but a new opportunity flourished.

The Gospel Proclaimed Produces Much Fruit In Ghana: The West Coast School of Preaching is learning how to sustain the work and see the fruit of preaching the gospel.

Short-Term Missions, Long-Term Plans For Paraguay: The leadership in Paraguay is rising to the challenges of planning long-term for the church and the future of the work.

The Work Of Evangelism And A Man Of God Make A Good Combination: The report from Arusha shares the results from a graduate of ACSOP doing the work of evangelism.

Final Thoughts 
Thank you for taking time to read through the reports this week. We always hope you are as encouraged as we are with the development of the work. Additionally, we are constantly expressing our gratitude to God for your involvement. We consider it the highest privilege to be fellow-workers with you and God in advancing the kingdom of our Lord on earth.

God bless

Posted on August 9, 2015 .