Preparing For Graduation In Tamale...

Tamale is very calm and every planned activity is on course. Every staff member is healthy and cheerful. It is our prayer that the Lord will continue to bless all and sundry who contribute in diverse ways to the success of Tamale Institute of Biblical Studies.

By the divine grace of our Lord, we have once again completed another two year program and have slated the graduation activity for the 3rd of July, 2015. Ten energetic men will be ushered into the preaching fraternity on this very important day to share their knowledge and experiences with their congregations.

We wish to invite all brethren who would want to share the joy of the day with the entire Northern brethren in Ghana.

As part of the occasion, the Board of the Institute has decided to honor the late Avril Keoughan, who died in the course of her duty to the Lord on Monday, the 27th of June, 2011 when she was in Tamale to teach the students Primary Health Care.

Currently, the Institute is on break and is preparing earnestly for the graduation.

Taking a retrospective look at the just ended two year activity, the Institute was faced with the challenge of inadequate instructors. The challenge was due to the fact that Brother Tony Johnson had to leave in the middle of affairs and just a month later, Brother Jaminja Ndakar another resident instructor developed an injury in the hip bone which has kept him bedridden. Management had to arrange for external instructors from Accra and Takoradi at a high cost. On this, we shall be glad if lovers of the work of the Lord could sponsor someone to replace brother Tony to teach in Tamale Institute of Biblical Studies in Ghana. Anyone interested in helping or wants information on the issue should contact brother Steven Ashcraft ( or Baah Joseph Okyere (

So far, nine (9) applicants have been interviewed for admission in the next batch of students. We hope to have more students by the reopening date of 29th June 2015. 

May the Almighty God continue to bless us all and empower us to do more to extend the boundaries of his glorious Kingdom.

Baah Joseph Okyere

Posted on May 24, 2015 .