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Rasuwa and Dhading district's earthquake report: Information collected from Christian leaders at Rasuwa and Dhading: May 19th, 2015

Dear respected brothers and sisters,

Five mature Christian leaders made an earthquake survey at Rasuwa and Dhading districts of Bagmati zone. They began their travel May 5th of 2015 and returned on May 15th of 2015. They spent 11 days visiting Christian communities and encouraged them in their distress and sorrow. They returned back to Kathmandu safely. I am writing this information based on their words. Yesterday, May 19th of 2015, we: NCBS staff brothers Jerry Golphenee, Parsuram Sunchuri, Deepak Deshar, Surya Tamang, Gajendra Deshar, and Mountain Christian leaders brothers: Mencha Ghale, So Bahadur  Tamang, Dawa lama Tamang, Nar Bahadur Tamang, Sonam Ghale, and two others gathered together at NCBS hall and talked around five hours about the situations of the mountain Christians. We were unable to listen their grief and sorrow. Their information is given below:

There are 3,067 houses in Rasuwa district. Among them 432 Christian families are in 8 different congregations. All houses were completely destroyed. 5 Christians died and a few were injured.

There are 3,572 houses in Dhading district. Among them 286 Christian families are in 4 congregations. All houses were completely destroyed. 4 Christians died and a few were injured.

Immediate relief work (short term goal):
Christian brothers request us to provide Rice, oil, salt, tents or tarps (rain protection), clothes and kitchen materials. All Christian communities are living together with other nonbelievers. They all share their relief materials in equal.

Long term relief work (Long term goal):
Help in their building construction. Try to provide money to purchase zinc roofing material, wood for house support, nails, cements bags etc.

We need your help

Thank you
Gajendra Deshar
Director Nepal Center of Biblical Studies

Posted on May 24, 2015 .