Long Overdue Rains Come To Tanzania...

Things are continuing to move right along here in Tanzania. We are still the only American team-members in the country right now, but we are looking forward to Cy's return in a couple of weeks. In the meantime, we are busy making plans for what promises to be a very busy Safari for Souls season. Our first campaigners will be here next week to do work in Njiro Chini. Exciting times!

At the school, I am currently teaching a class on Christian Evidences. It's one of my favorite topics, and it is rewarding to see the students growing in this area. 

We are finally getting some very long overdue rains and the crops are happy because of it. It makes travel on all of these dirt roads a little more treacherous, but the rains are very much a blessing to the people of Tanzania. The drought has caused reservoir levels to drop dangerously low, and has been a serious concern.

The electrical situation has stabilized (somewhat). For several weeks the power was going out for several hours each day, and even for several days in a row at one point. A couple of weeks ago we used more gas in our generator than we did in our vehicle. In fact our generator has already logged twice as many hours this year as it did all of last year. However, the past several days have presented no problems in that area, and we hope that will last a while. 

An acute awareness and gratitude for the blessings of water and electricity are just part of life in the African mission fields! 

Daniel Gaines

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Posted on April 26, 2015 .