Changes Bring Challenging Decisions For Stafford Family...

Greetings Fellow Servants;

We thank you, we thank our God for you, and we are thankful for the privilege of service. It has been a “whirlwind” of a furlough and a true blessing. I have shared the good news of God’s work in Tanzania with congregations in TX, IN, MS, AL, GA, TN, VA, SC and with several individuals. Because you care, pray and support this great mission effort, God continues to answer your prayers to the saving of countless souls. Thank you. 

Fariji reports: “In March, we studied with 14 people, one of them was baptized into the kingdom of Christ. Nelson Sango said that he desires to serve God in His kingdom, and has just completed the Bible correspondence course. He asked us to pray for him so that may overcome the false prophets. A future church plant is to set up at Tengeru, please pray for that.” 

Charles Hebeth reported three souls being added to the church today at Kwa Mrombo, Amen!

Stafford Family Update: Stephanie and I have struggled much lately with a major decision. We both love the Lord with our all. We love one another more than life itself. We love “Granny” so very much. What to do? Stephanie’s mom will not be able to return to Tanzania due to health issues. She does not, nor do we, want to be put in a nursing home. We do not want to leave the Lord’s work in Tanzania. Stephanie and I do not want to be separated. What to do? 

After a great deal of prayer and discussion we have concluded the following. I will be going back to Tanzania on May 6th, if the Lord wills. Stephanie hopes to come the first week of June for a month (Stephanie’s sister hopefully will be able to care for their mom for a month). Stephanie will return to the States while I remain in TZ through the end of July. I will come to the States the first part of August to raise much needed funds, speak at Polishing the Pulpit, conduct a wedding, attend the Bear Valley staff retreat and the return to TZ at the end of September. 

We need your help! We do not believe it to be wise to be separated more than few weeks at a time. Therefore, until things change with Granny our plans are for me to travel back and forth. I will be in TZ for six weeks at a time, or so, back to the U.S. (fund raising as much as possible and reporting on the good God is doing in East Africa) and then back to TZ. We need your prayers and we need congregations (families) who would be willing to help with my (our) travel fund needs.  We need to raise $8,500 for this year to help with our travel needs. Please prayerfully consider this need. 

Much has been accomplished in East Africa over the last 17 years and if the Lord wills, much more will be done in the coming 17 plus years. To His glory, great things He is doing. 

In Him,
Cy, Stephanie & Granny

Posted on April 26, 2015 .