Youth Day, New Church Plant, Souls Added To The Kingdom...

Dearest in Christ,

Greetings from your brothers and sisters in Cameroon, here in Wotutu. We do hope you are doing amazingly well for the work of the Lord entrusted in your hands.

We are doing better in health and work. The Gamma batch students keep studying and by so doing day after day they are coming to know the meaning of their coming to CBIW. Many of them have started admiring their stay in school as they themselves can testify their signal of growth as they continue to study.

Last week was described aa youth week in Cameroon, as the 11th of February is always a holiday in Cameroon. Our president made a speech acknowledging the plight that is common among the youths and made a promise that there shall be a way out for job creation for the youths. It is always a promise without fulfillments. Away from that, CBIW students used the week after classes to reach out to souls, that the greatest hopes with great assurance is when humans build and put their trust in Christ because His promises will always come to pass.

Students were in class and brother Nguty Victor stood in front of the class to make his first speech as the new student president. Electing others to a post of responsibility is another way to give them some leadership training among themselves. Brother Nguty is a father of 9 children and he left them behind with his wife to study the word. Keep him and his vision in your prayers.

Our students during the youth day celebration shared tracts and the good news to many youths. It was an ample opportunity to reach out to the youths during the youth day celebration in Cameroon.

Our students are trained to point the truth to their prospect in the Bible. Pointing to the truth is our passion. Back to the Bible is what we are known for in Wotutu, as our early morning program is “Back to the Bible.”

Our students are growing day after day with that strong affection for evangelism. Keep them in your prayers as we all shall see their growth to maturity upon their graduation as they go full time.

The Brightland Christian Academy participated in the youth day celebration. Brightland Christian Academy is making waves in Wotutu and the entire community as they won greatly during the choral singing and traditional dance as they displayed. Keep this school in your prayers as they continue to touch the lives of these young ones who will in turn touch their parents, training children daily with the good news.

Sharing tracts from Mission Printing was wide spread that day as many go to different villages with those tracts. One officer said in a quote, “It is better to read tracts now days than to read newspapers where people write captivating stories to make their money, but the Gospel stands the same and interesting.”

Weekend evangelism took us to 5 locations, as I was able to stand with some members of the church of Christ Mbonge Marumba. This is the very first congregation that was planted in Cameroon, but there is no legacy as the congregation is going down because there is no preacher. It is located in an area where there are the largest divisions in Cameroon, Stepping into this community will bring a change as I heard the few leaders spoke to me with tears. Who will lead us? They are in dire need of a preacher every week. The invitation, “come over to us and help us,” is coming from many batches. Few laborers will leave CBIW before this pressure will go down a bit.

This week, there is a new congregation, the newest in Cameroon. A few current students and some of our graduates in the Kumba Mamfe road converged in Babensi 1 for four days of house-to-house evangelism. The Lord added 6 precious to be pioneer members of this new congregation. The villagers where very surprised to hear what they heard about the New Testament church from our PA system which is getting old now. Lots of follow up is needed as our students will be there on the weekend and during mission work.

Two souls were added in Wotutu also, and one soul was restored. Keep praying for the work as many communities need to be touched by the gospel.

This weekend, it will be the first mass evangelism as all our students will be in Muea. It is not too far from Wotutu. One of our graduates has invited the school to come and be part of his induction or welcome ceremony. The Muea congregation wants to officially welcome their minister, the first of its kind since the existence of that congregation. Our graduate, Itoe David, decided to call other congregations for a mini Bible lectureship from Thursday before the welcome ceremony on Sunday. I salute his ideas of using any opportunity to reach out to lost souls.

God bless you, as we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your efforts toward the growth of the work here. Keep up the good work. God will reward you in due season.

Do your best to share the report with others. The students do not have a camera, which is why we cannot have pictures of all the great events in different locations.   

God bless you.

Elangwe and family
By His grace director CBIW/BVBID

Posted on February 15, 2015 .