Growing Work Meeting The Growing Need In Haiti...

Greetings in the Name of Our Lord, 

I want to thank you for your support, prayers, encouragement, and interest in the work of Haiti. It is because of concerned congregations and individuals like you that we are now in the second half of the school year at the International School of Theology (IST) in Haiti. 

Our students are eager to work, study and learn more of God’s precious word. As this class progresses I can see that some of these students will have a great impact on the work in Haiti. Please pray for each of them as they study. 

Introducing Some of the Students and Their Work 
I first Introduce Mack. Mack is our full-time Mack translator at the International School of Theology in Haiti. Mack is only seventeen years old but is well grounded in the gospel. His personality is always pleasing and positive. He grew up at the Sonlight Children’s in home and Roberta Edwards has been a mother to him. When I am with Mack, I am reminded of Paul’s relationship with Timothy and Timothy’s relationship with his mother and grandmother. Mack was only 11 years old when I first arrived in Haiti in 2010. He and I packed beans and rice twelve hours a day for a week. He never stopped, complained or tried to run from the work. He has shown himself to be a friend to the other children in the home and to all he meets. 

Mack is still continuing his high school education. I believe God is going to use this young man in many ways as he grows in faith and maturity. I am proud to call him my friend. 

Saint Hubert Felix
Brother Felix is a preacher and educator in Haiti; Saint, is a part of his name. He has been working as a preacher in Cité Soleil for more than thirty years. He has had to flee the area with his family on three occasions because of his stand against sin and for the truth. His faith has been proven even in the face of death. He also serves the community as a director of a Christian school in Cité Soleil. 

Felix serves as one of the directors at IST and will be teaching a course at IST, Religion in Haiti. He has worked for a year without pay to help establish the preaching school. This month, due to a generous member of the church, Felix will be receiving $150 per month for his work with IST. He is worthy of and deserves, far more than we are able to pay at this time. We would like for each of our directors to receive at least $300 per month. Yet, as Felix says “We (IST) are making a difference in Haiti and will long after we have closed our eyes in death. Therefore, we will move forward as a faithful servant of the Lord.” 

Origene Beaubrun 
Brother Beaubrun has been a Christian for about four years. He has shown great faith, love for the lost and his ability to teach the message of Christ. After being a Christian for only a year, he and his wife realized, in his words, “We have pure gold in our hands and must take this to our family in Jérémie.” Jérémie is in the southwest area of the country and it takes about eight hours to drive there. He started making weekend trips to family and friends to teach them the word of God. There are now fourteen new congregations of the Lord’s church in the Jérémie area! To God be the glory and we are also thankful for the Beaubrun and his wife who have faithfully shared God’s word. 

Brother Beaubrun is also a member of the Royal Police Force in Haiti and serves with the Palace Police. He is one of the preachers for the Santo church of Christ and continues to reach people with God’s message of hope. He serves as one of the directors for IST. He has a degree in communication from the University of Haiti. He too has worked to establish the school of preaching and has served without pay. Again, due to the generosity of a good Christian family,
he is now receiving $150 per month. 

Brothers Beaubrun and Felix do not simply take this money and use it for themselves but they use it to help the students. They pay for transportation and snacks for the students who are unable to pay. They use their own money to buy supplies for the school when needed. God has blessed us with two great men to help us move the school forward. 

Jean Yves Desmosthene 
Jean Yves, as most in Haiti, is called by his last name, Desmosthene (pronounced Demo-stain). He has been a preacher for several years and now serves the church in Carrefour. Brother Desmosthene travels about two and one half hours each way to attend class at IST. I had the privilege of preaching at the congregation in Carrefour in December. I have seen how much the church loves brother Desmosthene and the influence he has in the community. The church is poor and cannot pay him therefore he, as most preachers in Haiti, must find other ways to support himself. If you are looking for a good work to help support and work with, I can highly recommend the work in Carrefour. If you would like to take a survey trip to meet Desmosthene and the church, I will be glad to assist. 

Widlord Thomas 
Widlord Thomas recently graduated from Freed- Hardeman University. He is also a product of the Sonlight Children’s Home. Brother Thomas will be serving as a co-director of IST alongside brothers Felix and Beaubrun and will be teaching classes in the local language. His faith stems also from his mother, who is a faithful member of the Lord’s church. The Gauthier congregation started in her home, a mud hut and is now a congregation of about 250. As Thomas settles into the work in Haiti he will no doubt be pulled in many directions. Pray for his faith, strength and wisdom as he uses the knowledge he has gained at FHU to build the church in Haiti. 

We are blessed to have these men in the school at IST and perhaps some of them will be the teachers one day. 

Distant Teaching 
Thanks to the church and friends in Paducah, Kentucky we will soon be able to teach from many locations. The video conferencing equipment has arrived in Haiti and is now being installed. Once this is completed I will be able to teach wherever I am as long as I have an internet connection. We are living in a wonderful time for spreading the message of God. I will give more information at the equipment goes into use. 

Classes for the Ladies  
When IST was being formed, one of our goals was to provide teaching for the ladies. Kim Kasarjian and Sheri Harris from Alabama have said, “HereamIsendme”. They have made two trips to Haiti and the ladies are growing. Their trip in January brought in thirty ladies to the class! They also had a class specifically for the wives of preachers. 

It is not only the training of preachers we are seeking to accomplish but also give strength and knowledge to the whole church. Kim and Sheri did such a wonderful job. One of our students Viciere (V-c-air), came to class and said his wife was in the ladies class and how great it was. Thank you Kim – Thank you Sheri! We need more ladies to go and teach and if you are interested, please let me know. 

A New Location 
We do not like paying rent and we are now in conversation for a new location. We need a permanent place for the school so we can focus on more long range goals.Please pray that God will open the doors so we can make this a reality. We are looking at a two story house that started at $180,000 but we have come to an agreement for $80,000. We will have to make several repairs and this could cost another $25,000. The building is in an ideal location and just across the street from where we often stay. If you are able to help us raise the funds or make a donation to this effort we would be grateful. 100% of the money given to help goes directly to the work. 

Your Help is Needed 
Since it is now February, we must once again pay the rent. The custom in Haiti is to pay a full year in advance. Our rent is $15,000 per year. I have been paying almost half of this each month ($600) but we owe $7,800. The building is working great and we even have a room for visiting teachers if they choose to stay there. If you can help us with part or all of this amount it would be greatly appreciated. 

Monthly Support 
I am not asking for myself but for the students and for the lost souls of Haiti. God has softened the hearts of the Haitian people and at this time the door is open and we must act now. The time may come when we will not reach the masses as we are today. Several of the preachers have said they have a renewed hope because of the International School of Theology. There is a zeal we are generating across the country that will bring in more souls. 

We need your help to train the preachers and teachers at IST. The cost is only $300 per student each month to cover the total cost of supplies, transportation, snacks, pay the rent and utilities. At this time we have $3,100 committed. While we have cut corners and the students have made great sacrifices, we must raise the funds needed. If you or your congregation would like to adopt a student and support him with only $75 per month, it will make a big difference. No amount is too small. It takes $6 per day ($30 per week) to supply a snack for the students, can you help us with that amount? If you or your congregation can take on the full support of a student with $300 per month, it would be reaching lost souls across the country of Haiti. I am willing to come and present our work to you personally or to the congregation. The cost and work is far too much for one person but united we can and will change the lives of many. Thank you in advance for any consideration. 

Larry Waymire 

To see Larry’s report with pictures, please go here.

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Posted on February 15, 2015 .