On The Road Telling The Story Of God's Great Love...

Greetings Fellow Servants,

We rejoice knowing we are part of God’s family. We serve the living God Who is able. We partner with you in the greatest cause known to man, a cause that brings salvation to mankind. Thank you for praying and supporting us in Tanzania. 

We are on the road again, telling the story of God’s great love. We have been to Northport, AL visiting good friends and supporters. We will worship with our church family at Piedmont Road in Atlanta, GA this morning where our brother Neil Richey serves as minister of the gospel. On Monday I will fly out to Denver to meet with the extension school workers. Next week I have a meeting in Jackson, MS and then to Nashville, TN for a couple of appointments. I would really appreciate your prayers as I travel and report on God’s amazing work in East Africa. 

A report from our brother Charles Heberth: 

“Koimere Ngarasaa. Koimere is one of our graduates who labors day and night for the cause of Christ. He began teaching and preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ when he was in secondary school (High School in America). While he was a student, he was able to start a congregation at his school. He served as a preacher/ teacher converting his fellow students, teachers, and citizens of  the surrounding community. After he  finished his secondary education, Koimere joined the Andrew Connally School of Preaching in  2013, and  graduated on November, 28, 2014. Koimere is now serving as a full - time minister at the Monduli Juu Church of Christ. He is among many good brothers who are not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ (Rom. 1:16), and are exhibiting Christ’s love for the lost and His Church.

One of the saddest things is that, Koimere has a health problem. He was discovered with a growing thyroid panel. His throat is swelling everyday. This disease has hindered his work performance in the Kingdom. He consulted several doctors because of his problem, and the only solution to the problem is surgery. Due to the fact that he is poor and does not have any support, he failed to pay the amount required by the hospital. He is supposed to pay $850. I know the Lord will intervene in his situation through your prayers and support so that this soldier of the Lord may return back to the camp for further battle with the devil.”

If you are like me, we can often take for granted our health and prosperity. We can be thankful we serve the “Great Physician” and with your prayers and support, our brother Koimere will regain his much needed health and be able to continue with the work of the Lord, seeking and saving the lost. 

We solicit your prayers on behalf of our brother Cotton Box, Gene Davis, as well as, Sean and Anita Hochdorf. We also ask for your prayers on behalf of the 28 returning students at the Andrew Connally School of Preaching.

We close with thanksgivings for each of you, for your prayers, support, and partnership in the gospel of our Lord. 

In Him,
Cy, Stephanie & Granny

Posted on February 15, 2015 .