Souls Are Added And The Message Is Expanding...

Eight Souls Added to Tsame Church of Christ
David Potcholo continues to share his new found faith with the group he is studying with. In my recent report, I mentioned that he had a large following when he was in the denomination. David apparently had established five congregations as a “pastor” prior to enrolling at CBS. Now, David is in the process converting all his followers to the church of Christ. Though this is an awesome task, he is determined to continue until the last person is baptized.

Campaign planning session with preachers
I met with some of the area preachers to plan our maiden campaign with the Chariot. This was necessary to get the maximum participation by all preachers. At this meeting, we came up with the theme, topics, and speakers. We then met with the ladies about the cost of feeding the personnel during the campaign. Certain responsibilities were also assigned to preachers and church members.

Numetukorji Campaign, July 24-26
The Chariot was engaged in it’s maiden campaign for Christ. The goal of this campaign was to test the equipment in a campaign setting for the first time. Though the weather did not permit us to do the open air preaching, we used the sitting compartment as a studio from which the speaker preached. Since we had a PA system installed in the vehicle we were able to reach those in the community. There is a follow up into the the homes each morning for personal Bible studies. We mounted a booth where tracts were displayed and distributed. We had people approaching us with questions about the messages they heard. There were twenty preachers and students present to assist.

Worship at Nyiveme church of Christ
I had the opportunity to encourage my brethren at the Nyiveme church of Christ after the campaign.The text was Acts 2:41- 47 and the lesson was titled “They that believed were together.” The goal of the lesson was to get the church to understand that the early Christians were together in faith, devotion, reverence, benevolence, and growth. The attendance during worship was 56.

Gospel Chariot Dedicated to God
As part of preparations for the maiden campaign, church leaders and elders from Lome were invited to a brief dedicatory ceremony. We invited all these leaders to join in thanking God for providing this tool through brother George Funk and also to commit the bus and all of it’s activities into the hands of God. There was singing, praying, and fellowship meal to thank God for the great things he has done for Togo. The leaders later had a meeting to discuss how they can cooperate in using the Chariot to win Togo for Christ.

Hanyigba Church is bereaved
Akli Koffi, the father of Jean Akli, was the Hanyigba preacher. Akli Koffi was a witch doctor and most feared man in the region of Kloto. He was well respected among his peers because of the powers he possessed. Akli Koffi at a point in his life started listening to our radio programs and visiting the small church in Hanyigba. Little did he know that his powers were being neutralized by the Spirit of God. It was big news in Kpalime when the association of witch doctors heard that Akli Koffi gave up all his powers in order to become a Christian. This was a great source of encouragement to members of the church.

Unfortunately, Akli Koffi spent only a few months in Christ and died. There were several who came to the burial not to mourn, but to verify the death of this great witch doctor. Most people could not believe that truly Akli Koffi is gone. At a point I understood his friends were afraid that all the men who officiated the burial ceremony would die within a matter of days. Most of the people who came vowed that if nothing evil happens to the church within six months, they will become members of the church of Christ. We are waiting for them.

Willie at Radio Planet FM 95.3
On Sunday night there was a presentation by me on Radio Planet on the subject of “The second coming of Christ.” The program started at 6:00 pm and was supposed to end at 7:00, pm but we had to pay for an extra 30 minutes. We gave the public the opportunity to ask questions and that lasted for about 35 minutes. At the end of it all ten people phoned in to ask questions. One particular lady invited two of our preachers in Kpalime early Monday morning to respond to a few questions she had. God is using several means to get the gospel to the lost.

Gospel Chariot Driver- ATSOU KOSSI
God uses different means to get us very close to the kingdom. Such was the situation in which Atsou found himself. His house shares a common wall with CBS in Kpalime. He has never associated himself with the church until recently. We needed a driver for the Gospel Chariot but all our members had no drivers’ permit to drive such a vehicle. Someone recommended Atsou and when contacted, he agreed to assist during the campaign. I watched Atsou’s performance during the period and found him to be the right person to drive the bus. Though the rain did not allow us to preach publicly, we set up in the bus and preached through the horns mounted on the bus. Each time there was a preaching going on, he sat at the front in the drivers’ seat listening attentively and using his phone to to record and later play it for the wife to listen when he got home. I felt sorry for how he was bombarded with these messages. At one point I realized he was confused and needed help. On Sunday the last day of the campaign, I preached a message titled “The second coming of Christ,” heard by thousands of listeners. Atsou was so shocked by the lesson that he told me “ my wife and I are considering becoming a part of Church of

Christ.” Brethren have continued to study with him. Remember Atsou and his wife in your prayers. God needs him in this great ministry.

Congregations that benefited from funds for sheds:

1) Hanyigba
2) Beme
3) Kpadape
4) Atakpame
5) Yorkele

Church Adoption program
Since we launched our church adoption program, the three congregations that have so far benefited are:

1) Hanyigba Church of Christ
2) Kpadape Church of Christ
3) Zomayi Church of Christ

Should you be interested in adopting a congregation with $100.00 per month let me know. There are still many congregations waiting for adoption.

H. Willie Gley
P.O. Box AN 19611
Accra North, Ghana

Posted on August 17, 2014 .