One Pretty Incredible Week...

The students survived the first full week of classes in Denver. Fifteen men, several with families, arrived in Denver to begin their preparation for ministry. We are excited to also report that many of the prospective students who were unable to make it for the August enrollment are planning to be a part of the class that begins in January. We ask you again to be praying for these men as they desire to be involved in kingdom work.

Monday also begins the first day of classes for the new extension in Port au Prince, Haiti. Donnie Bates is set to begin classes tomorrow with 24 students at the International School of Theology. The beginning of classes in this new location makes 17 schools where Bear Valley is privileged to partner with some wonderful brethren in training men to preach.

Reports from the various extensions this week indicate that God continues to bless the work done around the world. The work in Ghana is encouraging as the program at the West Coast School of Preaching approaches graduation. We encourage you to pray for the former director of WCSOP, Daniel Ampadu Asiamah, who suffered a stroke last year. Let us give thanks as he seems to be responding to treatments. Also, pray for the school as it continues to train men in Takoradi.

Classes will soon begin in Ukraine at a new location in the Western city of Ternopil. The report from Dennis provides an update on the situation in Gorlovka and the Donetsk region. He also indicates a location has been rented for the upcoming class of students and he speaks about the program’s beginning in Ternopil. 

The other locations in Nigeria, Cameroon, and both locations in Tanzania also report the wonderful ways God is blessing the studies and outreach of the students to the lost in their location. The gospel is spreading and the growth of the extension program will increase the reach of God’s hand through the message of Jesus.

Now on to the other reports...

Coordinator Updates
Reports from the coordinators are now located on the website, under Staff Reports. The address is

Extension Reports 

More Souls Are Added To The Kingdom In Cameroon: The outreach of the students in Cameroon continues to influence the direction of the Lord’s kingdom.

Students Are Set For Graduation At The WCSOP: The West Coast School of Preaching in Takoradi, Ghana prepares for their next graduation, scheduled for November.

Ukraine Work Set To Begin In Ternopil: Amidst the tragedy occurring in Gorlovka and the Donetsk region, staff and students are prepared to continue in Western Ukraine.

Returning Students In Chimala Prepare For The Fall Quarter: Students are in their fall classes and a group from the Rossville Church of Christ helped kick of the new quarter.

6 + 6 = The Number Of Souls Added And Restored In Nigeria: Six were baptized and six restored as a result of the work of the Southwest School of Evangelism.

The Providential Working Of God Brings 7 Souls To Christ: A series of unusual events helps one Christian influence seven others in Tanzania, one of which is her husband.

Always Be Ready: One never knows what circumstances might occur on the mission field and, in this case, the need to be flexible is critical to the development of the work.

Final Thoughts 
We are continually reminded of your generosity and effort to keep the extension program growing. We are thankful for the ways you contribute to the work through your prayers, encouragement, abilities, and resources. We are fully aware that without you, this program would not exist. Thank you.

God bless

Posted on August 10, 2014 .