Students Graduate In Uganda...

Dear brethren,

We greet you in the name our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We thank God very much for the blessings He is bestowing upon us. We are very much thankful for the support you are continuing to give to us. More thanks go to the elders of Woodland Oaks Church of Christ who have helped us to have a very colorful Graduation. Twelve men graduated on the 9th of May 2014.  Among these, seven were from the Kiswahili Class and five from English class. Six students were from the Democratic Republic of Congo, two were from Kenya, and four were from Uganda.

We will be making  a pig house where 24 pigs will be kept in this building. This house is still under construction although we have moved some piglets in it.

We will be deepening the reservoirs, two small ponds, making a trench to the reservoir, and putting nets around the second big pond. All these have been getting this service and I need to pay those who have been supplying materials to me. The good news is that the fish we put in the ponds are okay. Those which were taken by the flood are not much. The Tilapia have multiplied. We only lost mostly the catfish. What we need to do now is to fertilize the ponds to stimulate the growth of algae.

Ladies Class is to start on the 9th of June 2014. We will need to help them with their transport for coming to school and going back home after two weeks. I do not know yet how much because I do not know the number of ladies coming this time.

I will be attaching the cost of one student from Congo, Tanzanzia , Kenya  and  Uganda in detail. But the total cost for one student from those countries is: Congo $1,150, Tanzania  $650,  Kenya  $530, Uganda $100

I plan to be traveling to Congo during the month of June to meet with those who need to be coming to School. Fourteen men from seven congregations in Eastern Congo have shown interest in coming to study the word of God in the Kiswahili class. In Tanzania we expect two men also in the Kiswahili class and from Kenya there may be three in the Kiswahili class. In the English class we will get students from Uganda and Kenya. Many men have shown interest and we will be calling them to be interviewed. Pray for this work.


Francis and Margaret Wechesa

Posted on June 1, 2014 .