Students And Preachers' Wives Learn Lessons In Cameroon...

Dearest in Christ,

Greetings from this end. Calvary greetings to you, your family and the entire congregation, in Jesus’ name.

We do hope this mail finds you in good health and a sound faith. We are doing better here after a week busy with the things of the school and also family issues. My son was sick almost the whole week and that takes me to places to see the doctor and I praise God he is doing better now. It was also a moment of fighting hard with lots of issues.

CBIW students finished their second semester exams from their long courses without any problem. They are better in their health condition as many were sick after we return from the scholarship lectureship in Kumbo. Brother Kenechi passed out blood that made him to collapse and we rushed him to the hospital. He is getting better and he was able to take his exams without any hindrance.

Brother Steven Ashcraft is visiting and he preached a great sermon this morning in the Wotutu congregation on the true gospel. He arrived safely yesterday and he is doing fine. Keep him in your prayers that his stay with us will be good as he will start teaching “Bible Geography” to our students tomorrow and will stay here for one week.

The Wotutu congregation enjoyed great house fellowship aimed at helping neighbors to our Christians know more about the church of Christ. This happened when brother Maurice’s wife delivered a baby girl. Keep this young family in your prayers.

This weekend all the preachers’ wives in Cameroon congregated at the Bonaberi congregation for their third annual seminar. This idea was initiated by us in Wotutu aimed at empowering preachers’ wives to rise up and be active in helping their husbands in their Divine calling.

My wife taught on how preachers’ wives can help their husbands to achieve their goals. A total of 42 wives were there, meaning we still have many pulpits without preachers. We thank God for CBIW as we train preachers who, by His grace, will go and fill those pulpits. Keep praying for us.

The preachers’ wives also have round table discussions to provoke others to fully attach themselves to the work their husbands are doing. Please pray for this initiative and see if you can be of help. It is a common saying in Africa that if you train and empower a woman you are directly empowering  the entire family and nation. Please, please keep this work in your prayers as the visions grows.

In the Wotutu congregation, sister Kimah Zinadel obeyed the gospel. She is the fifth person in their family to obey the good news. The mother is a widow who was made an elder in a denomination. She discovered the truth from her own daughter, who became a Christian and took the gospel with some of our students to the mother to share the same things that she heard. She listened to our morning program “Back to the Bible.”

The preachers wives are eager to study. They love the Lord and they are provoked to be helpers to their husband. We thank God that the annual preachers forum is three years old now and it is gaining ground in the church in Cameroon.

1) We are planning another campaign after out short courses to congregations in both French and English communities.

2) This campaign is blessed as we shall have enough tracts from Mission Printing. The Mission Printing ocean container made its way to our seaport. We had some delay to get a truck that will carry the container to Wotutu, that is what I will doing tomorrow to make sure by His grace it will be in Wotutu. I am sure we shall use the next few weeks to distribute the container to as many preachers and leaders as possible in different congregations of the Lord’s church here in Cameroon. They are eagerly waiting for the container, so that they will start using it for their evangelistic efforts.

3) We are making plans for a one day preachers seminar in the Wotutu congregation where we shall discuss more about how preachers can better use the tracts and help evangelize the world. Keep us in your prayers for success.

We give thanks to God for all that He is doing to us through you. God bless you for standing with us. Keep standing for God alone will reward you. Do your best to share this with others.

Elangwe and family
By His grace Director CBIW

Posted on June 1, 2014 .