One Man's Funeral Helps Bring Spiritual Life To Others...

Dearest in the Lord,

Greetings from Cameroon. I do hope this report will find you all in good health and sound faith as usual. I am writing this report with much tiredness from a long journey. Thank you for your prayers toward us as many of us left Wotutu to 9 different locations for weekend evangelism. As I write this report, God who took us out, brought us back safe and sound.

This weekend evangelism was great, as we were able to meet up with the numerous invitations from some congregations to send our students to help them. It is exciting that students are always happy to go to the mission fields in different locations. Some locations are not easy to access, but the joy of reaching out to perishing souls is a strong force that pushes and provokes us to go, so that we may rob from the strong man’s house. This week was full of blessings as God added souls to His church.

Four students and I went on our way to a village far away from Wotutu called Nfainchang. Our mission to this village over the weekend was to bury a brother who died in Ediki congregation and we were supposed to take his corpse to his home village for burial. There is no congregation there, so five of us went there from CBIW to conduct the burial. We were soaked in our clothes with dust.

Our mission after the burial was to see how we can establish a new congregation in that village, so we embarked on house to house evangelism. It is a very small village with less than 15 houses. The people are so attached to their fetish beliefs and witchcraft, they looked upon us as bringing something strange to them, but they were very receptive to us and they are educated to read from the word and see what God is saying. There are 3 denominations already in the village and those 3 denominations allowed them to remain and do all things that are satanic in their traditions, so they were surprised to see us exposing it and saying that it was bad and they need to repent from that and come to Jesus and enjoy a new life .

I preached the funeral message on “Where Will You Spend Eternity?” It was great as the entire village, as small as it is, stood by and watched me speak out of God’s word with courage and pointing them to the cross of Jesus. It was a message that touched their minds and provoked them to think as they struggle to answer the question. Keep this community in your prayers.

One brother who is into smoking and drinking of alcohol came to us and asked many questions on what if he repented now, will God accept him into his house? He has been doing lots of atrocities. He was a visitor to the village who came for the funeral, but he lives in Kumba town and the church of Christ is there, so he will be worshiping there. Keep brother John Itoe in your prayers as he grows in the Lord.

Brother James is a son to the brother that died. He listened to the message and decided to obey it also on his father burial. What a joy. He is not a white person, but an albino. Keep him in your prayers to grow to maturity.

Another son obeyed the gospel. Daniel was happy to become a Christian even though the atmosphere was characterized with sadness, but he is having hope for eternity as long as he remains focused. A total of 4 male energetic souls obeyed the gospel during the funeral of brother Tom Eyong who was a preacher since the 60s, but because of ill health he became ineffective to continue his work. Please remember his family in your prayers as his 8 children are left behind.

A student went to weekend evangelism at the Baird Memorial College in Buea, which is a Christian Secondary school being run by a sister in Christ in Buea. They are having a college congregation and they need our students to come there every weekend and help with evangelizing the unbelieving students and the people who live outside the school campus. The Lord added 5 precious souls there this weekend, 3 students and two from outside the school. Keep this work in your prayers, as we see it develop every week.

Beside the grave, many watched the fulfillment of God’s word. That man came from dust and to dust man returns. It was great for many to learn truth which has been hidden from them.

After we left Nfainchang village because no one in the village obeyed the gospel and all those we baptized were strangers who traveled back to their respective destinations. We left and came to Manyemen village and decided to stop and worship with this congregation. We arrived there yesterday and this morning it was great to meet with them, so that we could encourage them to keep the faith and reach out to their community and make disciples for the cross. Our presence was a big encouragement to them and because of the way our students handled the word of God, we have two prospective students who admired them and have made up their minds to apply when the next entrance exams will be given so that they will come and be trained. Keep their burning desires in your prayers.

Some 15 students went to the Bomaka congregation on invitation for house to house evangelism throughout the weekend. God used them to touch the hearts of many with the truth and a total of 7 souls were added in that congregation. We have strong assurance about their growth because one of our instructors in CBIW is an evangelist there, Otia David. A total of 16 souls were added to the Lord’s body over the weekend.

Brother Etah Edwin taught and stressed the importance of the decision that a brother took to follow Jesus. While they moved down the stream, brother Edwin opened the Bible again and again for him to be convicted about the decision to obey the truth and become a slave for Christ. When we have tracts many will benefit from it as congregations keep asking for tracts, Bibles and other study materials from us. If you have those things, please tell us and we will tell you how you can get it to us.

We continue our weekend evangelism because we have seen that it is yielding fruit for the kingdom. Keep us in your prayers as we do more to bring glory to God.

We say thank you for your prayers, commitment and support to us. God bless you all and watch over you as you do this for His glory. You are in our prayers. Keep us in your prayers also. Do your best to share this report with others. God bless you.

Elangwe and family
By His grace Director CBIW

Posted on February 9, 2014 .