Activity, Agriculture, Accommodation, Annual Lectureship...

By the grace and mercies of our Lord, activities are going on steadily as per the schedule of the Institute.

We are happy and thankful to the Lord for bringing brother Tony Johnson and brother Steven Ashcraft from America back to Tamale.

Currently, students under the supervision of brother Agyei Mensah and Tony Johnson are on an evangelism campaign in the Zabzugu Tatale Distrct of the Northern Region of Ghana. This activity is planned to assist one of the graduates of the Institute to win more souls for the Lord and also to edify his young congregation.

Plans are being made to make our students undertake some training in agriculture.This is to enhance their knowledge and skills in agriculture. Since most of the students are farmers it is hoped that the Ministry of Agriculture which has been requested to conduct the training, will bring to bare the modern technics in farming. The Institute involves the students in such activities in order to make them do farming to support themselves where the congregation is not financially prepared to support the preacher.

As part of the Coordinator's plans to bring improvement into TIBS, a two bedroom accommodation is being built for the Director. Work is in progress and hopefully will be completed by April. This is a major booster to the work here in TIBS and we wish to express our profound appreciation to our sponsors.

The Church of Christ campus ministry in all the three northern regions is meeting at TIBS for a 4 day lectureship on the the "THE CHRISTIAN YOUTH IN THE 21st CENTURY" 

This is one way that the youth are to benefit from the usage of the facility which, God through our sponsors, have built for the lord's work. We appreciate it.

It is our prayer that the good Lord will be with us in our effort to Serve him.

Thank you.

Posted on February 9, 2014 .