An Ending As Good As The Beginning...

The week is ended as it began with wonderful news about the growth in the Lord’s kingdom. The reports this week share exciting news about the work of students who are proclaiming the gospel of Jesus and influencing souls eternally. We never tire in hearing about the ways God continues to give the increase and bless the work.

The week ahead brings an end to the third quarter of the academic year in Denver. This means that in one more quarter we will see another group of students graduate from their intense studies over the past two years and enter the ministry. We will share more in the weeks ahead about these men, their families, and their plans for serving in the ministry after they graduate. Their initial plans have them locating from the West coast to the East coast and as far away as Malawi. 

Several of the locations where we partner in extension training also have graduations scheduled over the next few months. Seeing the development of these students and witnessing their efforts to glorify God through the preaching of the gospel continues to be exciting. We look forward to reporting more about these graduations and the development of the work in each location.

The development and growth that occurs each year through the graduates who enter into ministry excites everyone. The reports indicate only a few of the ways God is working in the world to reconcile the lost to Him through Jesus, our Lord and Savior.

God is great!

Now on to the other reports...

Coordinator Updates
Reports from the coordinators are now located on the website, under Staff Reports. The address is

Extension Reports 

The Power Of God’s Word Cannot Be Denied: Weekend evangelism in Cameroon witnessed several obey the gospel and others restored, but one has an interesting story.

Inter-Congregational Activities Promote Outreach In Togo: Local congregations of the Lord’s people are uniting to reach the lost in Togo.

Exciting News Out Of Northern Ghana: The students are involved in preaching the gospel and at least twelve souls were saved as a result of their work.

Opportunities Open At Local High Schools In Nigeria: Staff and students from the SWSE are reaching out with material to local High School students.

An Overview And Expressed Need In Chimala: Chad Wagner’s report share news from the Chimala Mission and expresses needs for the work.

Short-Term Workers Arrive In Arusha: A new team of workers has arrived in Arusha and will be helping start a new congregation in the area.

Class Continues At The Andrew Connally School Of Preaching: Amidst all the other activities in Arusha, Daniel Gaines grows more comfortable in teaching at ACSOP.

Final Thoughts
The news about the future of this program gets more exciting each week. We are thrilled to see the interest in extension training growing and we know it is growing because of you. As you read the reports and see the progress of the work, you are sharing the news with others and finding more ways to get involved. We could not do this work without you. Continue to do what you do and watch how God blesses our efforts as we partner together in training men to preach the gospel.

God bless

Posted on February 23, 2014 .