Inter-Congregational Activities Promote Outreach In Togo...

The Nyiveme congregation was blessed with eight baptisms in January. CBS student, Djambacou, was baptized as well as the wife of student, Assuka. The Lord is blessing the Kpalime area churches of Christ through evangelism by students and the weekly radio program.

Kpalime Area ministers and their kids
The Kpalime area churches met to wish each other a happy and a prosperous New Year. The occasion was also used to plan programs for inter-congregational activities.

Wives of Kpalime area preachers
Preacher’s wives also met to launch their annual women’s program.

Rodrigue, instructor at CBS and the preacher at the Avetonu Church of Christ requested the assistance of CBS in a 3 day gospel outreach program. The goal of this program was to strengthen the Atiyi Church of Christ and to win more souls. Evangelists that were present included: Rodrigue, Cephas, Raymond and Jean. Some students who were part of the team were Daniel and Nicodemus. The Alikpoji Church of Christ also participated in this outreach program.

Three congregations to benefit from Church building fund.
It was a great joy to know that brother Walter of the Blanco Church has donated $1,500.00 to help provide a meeting place for three congregations. There are still several more of such congregations needing help. Another couple, Aaron and Brittany Morrison have also adopted two preachers with $100.00 each month and have donated $1,000.00 towards two more church buildings.

Congregations need places to worship
Funds have been disbursed for work to begin on the construction of a meeting place for the Hanyigba and Tutu congregations. The following congregations are also in need of a place to worship: Tsame, Atakpame, Kpadape, Notse, Agoe, Klime, Zomayi, Tugbli, Danyinu.

Note: The Agou congregation has started meeting in a rented building, so the funds will be used by another congregation for now.

The Zomayi congregation is trying to secure land in the area where they meet before the construction can take place. We are therefore providing funds to those who have access to land for construction. The names of preachers who will supported and congregations benefiting from the building fund will be published in my next newsletter.

Meeting place of the Tsame Church of Christ
The Tsame Church of Christ was started by one of our current students. While in the denomination he started five churches. Now he is helping to convert all the churches he had started to become the church of Christ. He is facing a lot of challenges, but is committed to the process. The principal, Cephas, continues to teach these new Christians and those who are yet to baptized. The congregation that meets under bamboo sticks and palm branches are brethren who have renounced denominationalism and have embraced the teachings of the New Testament. Continue to pray for the Tsame Church of Christ. The land on which they are meeting is a half plot that the owner is ready to sell to them but they do not have the funds.

Are you interested in adopting a congregation by supporting the preacher with a $100 each month and helping to build a meeting place at a cost of $500 (Five hundred dollars)? You will receive a monthly report from the preacher and establish communication with the congregation. Some have already joined in this effort. Please join them.

Willie Gley

Posted on February 23, 2014 .