Tanzania Leadership Conference Influences The Direction Of Leaders...

Last week the brethren of East Africa got a little TLC. Of course, I'm talking about their time at the Tanzanian Leadership Conference. Church leaders from 3 East African nations gathered at the Andrew Connally School of Preaching for four days of fellowship and lectures aimed at improving leadership skills. This year's theme was Lessons on Leadership from Nehemiah. It was an enriching endeavor as Nehemiah does prove to be an excellent case-study in leadership. 

This was my first experience with TLC. I found it to be kind of like an African version of Polishing the Pulpit or the Freed-Hardeman Lectures. Many of the attendees were alumni of the school. This was a great time to catch up with them, and see how their work is going. There were also Ladies sessions, and Tiffany was honored to be among the women who taught lessons. We were also glad to have American visitors, Ralph and Cindy Williams, and Garry Hill, participating in the event.

Times like this offer encouragement in knowing how the church is thriving across East Africa. We expect that God will continue doing great things hear, and that the harvest will continue to be abundant. Take courage, my friends, to know that the kingdom is thriving and that victories are being won each day.

Daniel Gaines

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Posted on October 12, 2014 .