16 Years After Its Beginning, The Vision Is Working On A Grand Scale...

Greetings Fellow Servants:

Thank you! Thank you for your love and support for God’s mission work where you are and for God’s work here in Tanzania, East Africa. We know, without you, fewer souls would hear the gospel and fewer souls would be saved. 

The Tanzania mission effort that began over 16 years ago had a vision of training men God’s word in their own country, that in turn they would take God’s Word to their own people. It is working on a grand scale. Thanks be to God along with each and everyone of you. 

Each year we host the Tanzania Leadership Conference here at the Andrew Connally School of Preaching. Our goal is to teach leadership, church growth, and all that entails. This year’s conference centered around the God’s man, Nehemiah, and how he demonstrated leadership for God’s people. Each year the numbers grow, as more and more show a desire to be the people God would have them to be. We have ladies classes as well as classes for the men. 

This year was by far the best year, not only in numbers but in enthusiasm, cooperation, and leadership. This year is the first time our fellow Tanzanian brothers and sisters planned and executed the entire event. Behind the scenes we missionaries encouraged and supported each as they did what was needed. They did an amazing work, each one adding to the success of “discipling” and building up each other in the most Holy Faith. 

Also during this week the Alumni met and discussed how they can help each other in their various ministries. Last year was the first year they met as a group, with 22 present at the meeting. This year, they were 33 in number and all very excited about the future. 

It thrills the soul to see the Lord’s church maturing and working in unity. For sure, the devil is not happy, but with God all things are possible. We thank Ralph and Cindy Williams for coming and participating in this year’s TLC, as well as, our brother Garry Hill. Please remember them and all who will be traveling home over the next day or two. 

We close this Short Report with a request for your prayers on behalf of those who have graduated and are now in the field planting and watering the Seed of God to His glory and to the saving of countless souls throughout East Africa. 

Till all have heard...

In Him,
Cy, Stephanie & Granny

Posted on October 12, 2014 .