Fourth Term At Tamale Is Underway...

Greeting from Tamale Institute of Biblical Studies. I arrived back in Ghana on January 18th and met up with brother Steven Ashcraft in Accra. After greeting some of the brethren in Accra and Kumasi we arrived back at the Institute on January 21st.

Students reported for their fourth term on January 13th and are currently immersed in their study of Worship in the Book of Acts, Old Testament 3 (Divided Kingdom), and the New Testament Church. Steven will begin teaching a short course next week on Bible Geography, and then I will teach the Book of James during the final two weeks of the term. Currently there are 15 students in class as one has decided to leave the program and one has remained at home due to medical issues. Please keep Jacob Mabikiya in your prayers that he will be well enough to rejoin his classmates quickly.

This term also marks the beginning of the students practical application of the information they are receiving in their classes by conducting evangelistic campaigns. All of the students will be traveling to the village of Zamzugu for a 5 day campaign with the church that meets there. TIBS graduate Bilam Philip is the preacher in Zamzugu and has been asking for a school campaign since last fall. We are looking forward to working with Philip, our students, and the church to reach out to as many as possible from February 5th -9th.

It is almost planting time again and we will be looking for better results out of the school’s small farm. Last year was the first attempt at growing some of the food that could go towards feeding the students. While the corn yield was adequate, our yam crop was less than desirable. We will be trying some different vegetables this year to see if we can do better. We are also very thankful to have some successful farmers from the church who are willing to offer their guidance concerning what might grow better in the soil conditions we have here in Tamale.

All the students send their greetings. May God continue to bless you in your support of the church in Ghana.

In His service,

Tony “Wintima” Johnson
TIBS Coordinator

Posted on January 26, 2014 .