Baptisms And Restorations Characterize Break Activity...

My dear brethren,

Receive my greetings and that of the faculty and students of the Kenya School of Preaching (KSOP). We pray and trust that the Lord has kept you all safe, Happy New Year!  

KSOP students are back from the December break. This is the sixth quarter and graduation is coming soon, August 23, 2014. May I take this early opportunity to welcome you to the first KSOP graduation in Kisumu, Kenya.

During the December break, a lot of activities went on in different places. I visited four churches, and spoke in two gospel meetings where four were baptized as a result. All the students were actively involved in evangelism in their respective congregations and even beyond, 9 baptisms and 16 restorations. One student led other men in restoring a church back to worship in Spirit and truth from errors. The church was deep into liberalism, using instruments and insisting/teaching one cup. In attendance, when they met the group, was 26 members and they all accepted the truth shown from the bible.  

The other good news to the students and the school is the opportunity we had last Sunday, Jan 19 to send the students to the local churches around to help with evangelism, bible studies, follow ups and preaching, among other duties as assigned to them by the leaders. This is very useful in helping the students put the knowledge they acquire into practice.  All the congregations they visited were very excited with the program and appreciated the work done by the school.

May I thank the brethren and churches who believe the preaching students should be sent out to preach and meet the many challenges in the field before going out of school. Through your generous support, we are sure of sending the students out for four Sundays till Feb 9. We pray other brethren and churches will come to our help so that we keep on sending these men out to preach till they graduate.

This year is going to be very eventful with the graduation and another intake of new students in October 2014. Keep us in your prayers always as we work towards reaching the lost with the gospel and edifying the saved.

Fellow Lord’s servant,

Charles Ogutu
Director KSOP

PS. Feel free to contact me or the KSOP coordinator, Mike Reese for any information.

Posted on January 26, 2014 .