Consider Adopting A Congregation In Togo...

God is using our new preachers in wonderful ways in the kingdom. Since September, three new congregations have been planted and our recent graduates are preaching there.

Congregations up for adoption
1) Agou church of Christ - 4 baptized members and the preacher is Agnala Essodinam. (Outcome of September campaign)
2) Agoe Vakpossito Church of Christ - 6 baptized members and preacher is Sodohume
3) Klime Church of Christ - 18 baptized members and preacher is Atikama
4) Zomayi church of Christ - 9 baptized members and the preacher is Yovo Yao Mensavi.

The Zomayi Church of Christ started as a breakaway group from the Life Celebration Church, the denomination where Yovo used to be a member.

He tried to share his new found faith with the church, but met strong resistance. However, those who gladly received the word were baptized. They have since left and are now worshiping in Zomayi. Since Yovo is a new convert and a student, he is being guided by Cephas, the principal of CBS and assisted by one recent graduate.

Urgent Need: 
We need $500.00 each to build a structure for each of the new congregations.

Two more students baptized
1) Joseph Asiki is from the New Apostolic Church.
2) Mathias Komou is from Deeper Life Ministry

YEAR IN REVIEW: Statistics
1) Total Graduates in 2013: (15)
2)  Present Students (20)
3)  Total Present Teachers: (7)
4)  Visiting instructors(1) Barry Baggot)
5)  Total lectureships in 2013 (3)
6)  Total campaigns in 2013(2)
7)  Total churches planted in 2013(5)
8)  Total baptisms in 2013 (73) 

Wife of preacher Atta returns Pelagie, the wife of Atta a recent graduate left her marital home and threatened to divorce the husband if he did not return to the Catholic Church. We all prayed for her hoping that she would one day understand why the husband took that decision to renounce Catholicism and accept New Testament Christianity. All attempts to get her back yielded no positive results; however, we never relented in our prayers. On my recent trip to Kpalime, I was shown a picture of Pelagie in the watery grave of baptism, also renouncing Catholicism. Our God is a prayer answering God. Pelagie has since re-united with the husband. When asked why she took the decision, she responded “I now understand what my husband did.”

5th Annual Northern Volta Bible Camp
The theme for this year’s camp was “ Marriage and the Christian Home”.

Topics discussed included the following: Preparation for Marriage, Marriage Rites in Ghana, Duties of Husbands and Wives, Duties of Children, Couples Relationships with In-laws, Marriage Divorce and Remarriage, How to Resolve Marital Conflicts and How to Manage the Family. I had the opportunity to speak on “How to Resolve Marital Conflicts and Couples Relationships with In-laws.” There was a health talk on diabetes by Dr. Prosper and water, sanitation and health talk (WASH) by Nathaniel Adams, the CEO of Rural Water Development Project of the Church of Christ.

Activities at the camp included: fasting and prayer, singing competition, indoor and outdoor games and Bible quiz competition. This year’s camp was graced with the presence of Doc Turk and the wife Passy. Doc delivered a lesson on Preparation for Marriage while Passy taught “How to Prepare the Communion Bread.”

The camp was climaxed with a worship service on Sunday December 29th with a sermon delivered by Ben Fulks from Dangerfield, Texas. The attendance during the worship was 515 and we were blessed with three baptisms.

The first phase of the expansion project has been completed. We are now left with the partitioning and a frame to cover around it with wood. We have already moved some of the kids from the church building into this new shed.

Should you be interested in partnering with us to give these little ones a Christian education, you may contact me or send donation to the Blanco Church of Christ, address below.

Mars Hill is already planning to raise $5,000.00 to purchase one acre of land where permanent structures will be built in the future. This is a long term goal. Several offers of a parcel of land have been made to me for my consideration.

The container arrived on December 31st, off loaded and placed in storage at the Ghana Literature Center in Saiperman, Accra. We have since started distribution to churches and individuals involved in personal evangelism. The youth of the church are involved in a massive tract distribution and evangelism exercise as part of program marking the 46th bi-annual Youth Day.

Dear Brother Gley,

Believing in your efforts in Ghana and Togo, I/we propose as the Lord enables, to donate generously to support this worthy cause. Enclosed you will find $....................
H. Willie Gley C/O Blanco Church of Christ P.O. Box 866 Blanco, TX, 78606

Tel: 830-8334884

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NOTE: Please make cheques payable to the BLANCO CHURCH OF CHRIST and earmark for Gley/Ghana & Togo Mission.

World Bible School, Gospel Chariot Mission and Mission Printing
What do these three groups have in common? I am privileged to be working with them. My work has become more exciting with the coming in of the Gospel Chariot last year. Our campaigns with the truck are yielding much fruit in terms of the baptisms and the student enrollment.

This is how it works: there are two WBS workers attached to the truck wherever it goes. During the day, the truck visits the schools in the area to enroll students and also set up a WBS booth to enroll students while at the same time distribute tracts and conduct bible studies.

This January 15th 2014, we embarked on a nationwide evangelism tour with the Gospel Chariot. Our first stop will be Prampram then into Dawa and finally to enter the Volta Region, conducting a three day campaign at each stop. We shall be visiting several congregations preaching the word, distributing tracts and enrolling students. Teachers who have students in the Volta Region should contact me by email, text message or telephone call.

16,863 new students enrolled. Four out of the ten regions have been visited. 133 baptisms have so far been recorded

World Radio Report
Another year has come to a successful end and these are some results of our activities. 

1) Baptisms - 46
2) Home bible studies - 10

3) Restorations to fellowship - 1
4) Average of two phone calls each week
5) Four prospects currently studying

Cell Phone: 00233-244509169

USA Contact
Blanco Church of Christ P.O. Box 866

Blanco TX. 78606 Tel:830-8334884

Report By: H. Willie Gley

Posted on January 26, 2014 .