At Every Turn, God Is Growing The Church...

Greetings Fellow Servants,

We hope and we pray the Lord is blessing you all in the right ways, that in turn you can bless others. We thank you for your prayers and support, making this mission effort possible. Every month the Lord gives the increase. See the short reports from various men of God.

Emanuel Peter (Tanzania): The church of Christ, Chamwirio Ikulu, Dodoma was started by brother Andrew Connally and Lenkos Mkwama in 1978 on their way to Arusha. The church stopped meeting for some time, but was restarted by brother Elias who would begin a second congregation. Such a sweet story of the power of the Gospel and the generational influence of godly men like Andrew and Lenkos. 

Raymond Mwero (Uganda): Last week we baptized three. Yesterday was a good day in that the Lord added another three souls to HIs church. This year has started with great wonders on the side of the Church here, four others were restored. 

Theofilo Songie (Congo): Here is our report from the churches in the Congo: 1. Uvira congregation, 45 members. Two families restored this year. 2) Baraka congregation now has 35 members, four baptized this year. 3) Kikwena congregation now has 20 members. 4) Fizi congregation has 21 members. This congregation is 70 miles from the Uvira congregation. 5) Lweba congregation is 17 members. 6) Mboko congregation has now grown to 15 members. We thank God for the over 150 saved souls He has added. We need your help if the church is to continue to be fed and grow in the Lord: 1) I need $80 per month for house rent (including power and water). 2) My family and I need $180 per month to eat, for medical, house needs. The ministry could use some help with transport funds and a laptop to develop, translate and provide good Bible lessons and tracts. Can you help me, so I can help my people, the people of God?

Josephat Massawe (Tanzania): I was invited to visit Bwawani (meaning “in the dam), a small village surrounding the man made lake. One Christian sister invited me to conduct worship, she invited 10 others. We now have 2 new congregation towards Magadini and 1 more in Rombo. Last Sun. one obeyed the Gospel, we rejoice with the Angels in Heaven. 

Gasper Julius (Tanzania): Two of our members went home for a visit, taught and baptized three souls. Now they want us to come and start the Lord’s Church in their village. We are planning to go and hold a three day evangelistic meeting in the coming days. 

Cy, Stephanie & Granny (Tanzania): If the Lord wills, we will be coming your way Feb. 16th, arriving in New Orleans, LA on the 17th. We sure could use your help. We have already received a large donation from our dear TN friends, but we still need $1,600 just for our airline tickets (Granny pays for her own). 

We thank you all for your continued prayers and support that you sacrificially give, making our work of love possible to the good people of Tanzania, East Africa and now the Congo. Till all  have heard....

In Him,
Cy, Stephanie & Granny

Posted on January 26, 2014 .