Uganda Is "On The Grow..."

Dear brethren,

We do thank you very much for the support you are giving to  us here in Uganda. The Uganda school of  Evangelism is going on well. We have started our first quarter in the second year. In the Kiswahili Class we have 9 students and in the English class we have 12 students.  The subjects we are teaching this quarter are Minor Prophets from Hosea - Micah, by brother Ojiambo Morris, Jeremiah - Lamentation  by Ouma Christopher, 1 & 2 Timothy and Homiletics 2 by brother Raymond Bwambale. 

Paul and I we are now working on the translation of these lessons from  English to Kiswahili  for future use. Paul is still working in the garden with these students. We teaching them how to plant vegetables on raised beds in the morning from 7:00 to 10:00 am and from 2:00 to 3:00 pm teaches them in class. From class they go out to evangelize in their respective villages. We also to want bring in someone who knows about bee keeping so that they can be taught how to care for bees. For this person to come he needs an allowance of $20 dollars that includes transport, meals, and pocket money. He will be coming once a week for one month. 

There is a school in Kenya which trains people in Animal Heath Industry, training we wanted Paul to receive there. Reading from their brochure, we find that when Paul can go there, he will help our students very much. His education will cost $1800 dollars for the whole course of 2 years. If we can get this money they want him to go in July 2013. I have attached their  brochure which has the subjects they are teaching. We need your  support in these.   

Brother Ema Mawa has completed his studies here and he desires to go for further advanced  studies in Arusha in July. We pray that he may be allowed to take that course. I met my old friend   and a brother from Sudan, Mr. Daniel Khamsin Walle. I met him in Arusha in 2005. He came with a friend of his at Arusha Bible school looking for a place he could teach Bible. I asked his  educational background and he showed me his B.A in Christian Education which he received in  a Baptist seminary in Arusha. I enrolled him in the Truth for the World Bible correspondence course. He studied this course and completed the five courses very well. When he came for his certificate, I asked him if he understood the course and what he is supposed to do. He told me that from what he has read, he needs to be baptized. I made arrangements for him to baptized at the Arusha church of Christ. 

In December 2007, when I left Arusha moving to Uganda, he also left Arusha and went back to Sudan when I was still in the States, when I had gone to meet the elders of Woodland Oaks and we lost contact. As someone who had been in the denomination, he did not understand that he could start a church of Christ congregation without  permission from someone. He just looked for employment with Care International. In February this year, when he had gone to Arusha, he met with  brother David Bay who gave him my phone number and we started communicating. He had gone to do interview for the Master program at Mt. Meru University in Arusha. He has visited me here in Busia and I have reminded him of who he is, and now he is willing to go back to South Sudan and start a congregation of the Lord’s church in a border town of Nimule. To get more Biblical knowledge, he agreed to be coming to Uganda School of Evangelism during the short courses and also be enrolled in distance learning in International College of the Bible. The only challenge that might hinder him from starting this work is finance. He will need some money for his house rent, and rent for a place of worship and also his personal support. 

Please brethren we need your prayers over this. Hope to read from you.

Francis, Margaret, Paul, Susan, Edith and Ema

Posted on June 2, 2013 .