Need For Materials In Kenya...

Dear Brethren,

Greetings everyone, it has been a while since I wrote on what is going on at KSOP and it is worth the wait. The third quarter has just come to an end with a lot of activities, the students have gone home for a three weeks break and will report back on June 21st. It has been the greatest quarter in terms of evangelism and the classes taken. The students who have been going out to preach, have done great work to the glory of God and we still need more to go out.

We had two baptisms in Marega church and I wish they had a camera to show the situation. The Marega church is in an area that is normally affected by floods annually in the month of April to May, this leads to loss of lives and destruction of properties. But on that occasion it made Joseph and Elias’ work of baptism very easy to do, water was everywhere.

Through the efforts of the students we had 5 restorations in Kisumu worshipping at the school building. We also found a church bearing the right name a few kilometers from the school building but practicing some errors (women leading singing, preachers called pastors, singing while partaking Lord’s supper and giving, fellowshipping those in total mess), we have been in constant studies with them and they have been ready to do Bible things in Bible ways. We pray they will be fully restored to worshipping God in Spirit and truth even in our absence.

The third quarter classes went on well as planned with all the short course teachers coming early enough and well prepared for the classes. We had David Wasonga teaching the book of Job, Omutele Obadiah teaching 1and2 Thessalonians while Phabian Paul did marvelous in the class “World religion” with more emphasis on Islam. So far all the 17 students have covered 21 courses and the growth is tremendous.

In August there is plan to have some selected students from Kenya and Uganda finish their masters classes in Kenya, this too will be a milestone in training more men who can more accurately handle the word of truth.

One thing for sure, the school can do more of evangelism within Kisumu and outside. This is where we are scoring poorly because we lack resources. We need tracts and Bibles to help in the studies. We need correspondence courses distributed and graded within the school. This will create a lot of Bible studies and follow ups.

KSOP is still a new school in need of study materials, tracts, used religious books, song books in your bookshelf, might not mean a lot to you since you have read them but it means a lot to us here. Our library is still small. If you are willing to donate any study materials, feel free to contact me or send them to the address below:

Kenya School of Preaching
P.O. Box 7696 – 40100
Kisumu – Kenya.

Thanks in advance!

On a sad note, one of our students, Ernest Amwanzo, lost his father and the burial will be conducted on June 1st. Keep that brother and his family in your prayers. Also, remember to keep the school in prayers; the government officials are on my neck on why I am using a residential building for training purposes. We have started the process of getting the papers they need, but we will only be freed from them when we will establish our own buildings for the school which is now top on my priority list.

Elias and I plan to go work with congregations in the villages during the month of June helping them with gospel meetings and campaigns.

We thank you all who have been involved with the great work going on in Kenya. The Lord’s peace be with you.

His servant and yours,

Charles, Director KSOP
Then I said, "Here am I! Send me."

Posted on June 2, 2013 .