Maturing The Lord's Church In Tanzania...

Greetings Fellow Servants, 

It is our hope and prayer that this report finds you all doing well, blessed and busy serving faithfully.  We are good, busy and thankful for the life we have been blessed with, in Christ Jesus. God continues to bless his work here in Tanzania in amazing ways.

After fifteen years of labor with the Tanzania 2000 mission effort, we have been blessed with seeing much good. The maturing of the Lord’s Church is beginning to show its self in many ways. The talent we are blessed to work with is encouraging and promising as to the bright future of the growth of the Kingdoms work.

One such talent is seen in the life and work of our brother Charles Haberth. Charles is married to Amy and they have been blessed with three small children. Charles is a graduate of the Andrew Connally School of Preaching, both the undergraduate and graduate programs. He also serves as the evangelist for the newly planted Kwa Mrombo congregation here in the Arusha area. 

Charles has a work ethic to be admired by anyone. He also serves as one of our instructors at the school. One of his other primary roles is, translation work. He has and is currently working on several projects. The last large project he has completed (with the assistance of several others) was the evangelistic book by John Moore, “Searching for Truth”. With the help of World Video Bible Institute, this work book in Ki-Swahili is now being used. We have sent copies to Nairobi, Kenya, Ushirombo, Tanga, Tanzania and have also began using them in the Arusha area. 

We have great hopes for the good this book, translated into the local vernacular, will save many lost souls. We also hope to use this tool in a big way during our Safari for Souls campaigns coming up in May, June and July. We are expecting just over 60 co-workers this year and have a goal of distributing 1,000 SFT books. Along with thousands of other Bible tracts, Bible correspondence courses, Bibles, and hundreds of one-on-one Bible studies. 

The work being done is possible because of good men like Charles. We thank him, his family and the many others who give of their life that the cause of Christ might go forth here in East Africa.

We solicit your prayers for the upcoming campaigns and for the use of this new tool, SFT. May our God be glorified and may the preaching and teaching of God’s word have its desired affect on the lost of this community. 

Please remember the Gee family as they are in the final days of preparing for their furlough. They will leave Tanzania a week for today. Also, please remember Anita, currently in the States helping Sean’s parents as they get settled. She is to return to TZ the first of May. 

We thank each of you for your prayers, support and care for God’s work here in Tanzania. May you have a blessed week in your service to others, to His glory.  

In Him, 
Cy, Stephanie & Granny

Posted on April 21, 2013 .