Extension Schools Are Growing The Kingdom...

A number of reports this week share information about the current efforts of training men to preach around the world. A few of them discuss recent campaign work where a number of souls obeyed the gospel. The news is so exciting as men who are trained in their own language go out and teach the gospel to their own people. As the program continues to grow, more souls will be touched with the power of the good news.

We serve an incredible God. I wish sometimes there was enough space to share the ways He has blessed the lives of each individual within the Extension program, or even personally. However, space and time would not permit. Suffice it to say the news we could all share is worthy of the joy God has given to us through His son, Jesus.

Classes continue to go well in Denver as the new class of 13 students make their way through their first quarter of studies. They are doing well and it is exciting to have an opportunity to share in teaching them about God’s word. They are a very mature group of students and seem to have a drive to learn and prepare themselves to take the gospel to the lost.

This week nearly all the extension staff, along with the staff in Denver, will come together for the weekend to discuss the past year of work in the Extension program and the Denver campus, as well talk about plans for the future. We hope to examine areas where we need to be working to improve and develop a greater approach. We will discuss the various problems that exist and how we are going to address these areas. At the same time, we will dream about the future and what God will do through us as we seek to please Him.

Please pray for all who will be traveling and the purpose for which we are coming together. May God be glorified through the work being done. 

Now on to the other reports...

Coordinator Updates
Reports from the coordinators are now located on the website, under Staff Reports. The address is /extension-schools/

Extension Reports 

Students Prepare For Final Exams In Cameroon: Another quarter draws to an end and students are about to take their final exams. Short courses will begin the following week.

Graduation And The Future In Cambodia: The second class of students recently graduated in Cambodia. As they enter the field to work the future looks bright.

Campaigns Helping The Work Grow In Togo: A recent campaign near Kpalime, Togo shows how successful the work is for the students at the Center For Biblical Studies.

Student Involvement Produces Fruit In Honduras: The students in Danli, Honduras are showing the fruit of their labors in reaching the lost.

East Africa Gospel Meeting Is Fruitful: A number of congregations came together for a powerful Gospel meeting and 12 obeyed the gospel. 

An Hour A Day...Keeps The Devil Away: How important is studying the Bible? This week’s report from the Gee family explains, along with much more news from Tanzania. 

Final Thoughts
Thank you all for the generosity and sacrifice you are willing to make for the development of this work. There is much work ahead, but we know our God is great and He will bless our efforts for the cause of Christ. In fact, He already has through each of you. You are truly a blessing to my life and the lives of so many others on this earth. Somehow it just seems heaven will be a little sweeter because of the souls who will be there as a result of your efforts.

God bless

Posted on August 26, 2012 .