Student Involvement Produces Fruit In Honduras...

The following report is from Neri Irias. He shares news from each of the students who are preparing themselves for the work. 

Enrique Figueroa
I am collaborating in the church in Coyolar where the opportunity is afforded me to preach the days of assembly. Together, with the preacher, we are working hard in evangelism and have baptized this month five people, the names of whom are:

Edin Rafael Rodriguez

Felicia Danubia Vazques

Rixy Hernandez

Justa Rufina Chacon

Geferson Chacon

All these were baptized July 23. We are studying with nine people. We are teaching them about baptism now that they wish to know more about this theme so as to obey the Gospel. We ask your prayers for our new brethren and for the contacts that we have so that they can obey the truth. God bless.  

Jose Cruz Lopez
During this month I was assigned to work with the youth of the church together with brother Hector (Viera - djb). We are meeting every Friday. We invite the other youth to the youth meetings. Also I was assigned themes to preach. The themes are related to the church and its work. Also, I am going out to do evangelism each Saturday from 9:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. Sundays I participate in different things, whether it be leading singing, preaching, leading prayer, directing the communion service or collecting the offering.  The brethren keep me active in the work of the church. Also, together with a brother, we are visiting a sister that was baptized last month, but who has not attended the assemblies and this even though the church has visited her and other brethren, as well. The problem is that her mother exerts influence over her and does not permit her to go to the assemblies, but we are working on this. Sundays in the afternoon, together with brother Nery, or other brethren, we go to visit the brethren who are sick, for prayer and they also participate in the communion. 

Jose Antonio Caceres
God bless you all, brethren. I appreciate your help and the opportunity that you give me to be able to study at IBH. I am very happy with all that I have learned and am sharing with my brethren of the church. I am helping brother Oscar Morgan (IBH graduate - djb) in the place of Empalme de Trojes. There on Saturdays we go out to evangelize and we have many studies with people. We are following up on some studies, but so far we do not have baptisms since the people of this place are very hard of heart. Sunday I help the brother (Morgan) in the preaching and the songs. Also, we visit the brethren to encourage them and study with them in their homes. 

Gustavo Reyes
Greetings, dear brethren. The first Sunday in the congregation of Cuyalí the opportunity was given to me to direct the first prayer and serve the fruit of the vine. In the afternoon I went together with a brother to visit a sister who is sick to pray for her and encourage her and serve her communion.  

The second Sunday the opportunity was given to me to teach the Sunday class of the children.

The third Sunday I was assigned to lead singing, the first prayer and direct the Lord’s Supper. Later I went to the community of 24th of December of El Paraíso to help brother Porfirio where I preached the theme: Things that Cause Division.  

The next two Sundays I directed the communion and the songs. Also, I went to visit the sick brethren that could not assemble to pray and encourage them. The days of the week I cannot assemble since by night I go to school to receive classes. God bless.  

Porfirio Gonzales
I am helping the church (congregation) of El Carmen in the assignments that they have given me, collaborating in the preaching. On Sundays in the afternoon I go to the community of 24th of December where there are six brethren and we always have six visitors and five children; in total we assemble 17 on Sunday afternoons. Saturdays I go out to evangelize and have had several studies with people. 

Jairo Irias
May the Lord bless you, brethren. In the church at El Zarzal (where IBH is located - djb) where I am collaborating, we go out each Saturday to do the work of evangelism. I have had some studies with members of the denomination “United Pentecostal Church.” I am studying with a youth over the deity of Jesus and we have clarified certain wrong things that they believe about baptism and the gift of speaking in tongues. We go, also, to visit discouraged brethren with the youth of the church. I have preached some themes related to the church according to the schedule of preaching at the church at El Zarzal. I am visiting the brethren that live in Los Robles and I solicited the help of the congregation so as to be able to there whether on Wednesday or Friday, teaching the brethren and holding meetings in that place.


Posted on August 26, 2012 .