Extending The Frontiers Of Missions...

Dearest in Christ,

Greetings from the staff, students and members of the Wotutu congregation. We do hope you are doing fine in all that you do.

Some CBIW students, wore their new T shirts for house to house evangelism in Wotutu so as to follow up many questions that keep coming to us through the radio program of 4:30 am, though our waves do not pass through AM or FM signal. Keep this work in your prayers.

I am happy to make known to you what is making news in our work here in Wotutu, CBIW. I traveled, by His grace, to Zambia for the conference organized by the churches of Christ in Zambia with the theme EXTENDING THE FRONTIERS OF MISSIONS. Thanks very much for your prayers for my travels. I returned safe and sound.

The work here in Cameroon is moving on well and we do appreciate God for His great help.

I came back home to meet with brother Sakwe Mulango, one of our students having a new born baby, as the Lord blessed the wife, sister Jennet, with safe delivery of a bouncing baby boy, one of our lecturers, Itali Ignatius, was also blessed with a new born baby girl, and that is his first child. Keep them all in your prayers for the babies to grow healthy and to fear God and keep His commandments.

In Zambia I talked about the work in Cameroon to some participants off normal schedules. Right behind me was the banner with the theme.

The organizing committee made a program for all the representative nations to parade on the stage with their flags, one of which was the flag of our nation Cameroon.

A total of 22 nations of the world came to Zambia for the conference, 20 from Africa. Above 30 participants came from the USA because the highest number of missionaries in Africa are from the USA. A special prayer was offered to God for using the USA to expand the shores of His kingdom on earth. One person came from the St. Vincent Island and the Grenadines.

After the conference, we waited to catch our flight back home in Mapepe Bible college. We used that opportunity to share the gospel to those we met in that community and this young sister listened to my exhortation keenly while the baptistery was getting filled for her baptism directly behind us.

Sister Fortune, a Zambian, accepted baptism and was baptized to wash her sins away. Keep her in prayer to continue growing so that many in our Baptist background will also obey the gospel.

A young 13 year old, who has just passed entrance into the secondary school, followed our program and has been attending our children’s Bible class every Sunday. She obeyed the gospel yesterday in Wotutu. We pray she will be able to help those around her know and follow the truth. A total of 3 souls have been added to the church here in Wotutu, as I was away, and 6 souls added in different congregations as our students continue with weekend evangelism.

We join in giving thanks to God for you who avail yourself to the Lord to be part of our ministries. The CBIW is doing great work in our community. My wife and some other sisters in the congregation organized successful holiday classes, and because of that they are praying and looking into the possibilities for the nursery and primary school (elementary) to continue. That will be the first and only Christian school in our communities. Please keep it in your prayers for the Lord to do something.

Thanks for your prayers and support. Please share this with others. God bless you.

Elangwe and family
By His grace director CBIW

Posted on August 19, 2012 .