12 Souls Added And God's Saints Are Persecuted In Tanzania...

Greetings Fellow Workers,

Hard to imagine it has been three weeks since our last Short Report! Busy, would be an understatement. We pray all is well on your end and that you are having as many opportunities as we are to glorify our God and touch others with the saving message of the Gospel. God is good all the time!

I begin with a request for your prayers on behalf of our new brother Gaudence. He and his wife, along with four others obeyed the Gospel during the campaign at Maji ya Chai. He and one other older man (who also obeyed) were working with over 50 widows and orphans. Ever since he obeyed, leaders from his former faith have been persecuting him and his wife without mercies. This past week they went as far as trying to have him literally run out of town. William, the evangelist for the Lord’s Church that meets at Maji ya Chi, has spent hours and even days defending Gaudence and the Truth of God’s Word. This group of “so-called christians” are now in the village of Maji ya Chai spreading rumors and slandering William’s name as well as the name of the Church. When folks do not have the Truth, it sometimes comes down to this. Please pray for Gaudence, his family and the new Church plant that meets in the village of Ngurdoto.

On the “brighter side,” the Gospel is having It’s way here in East Africa. Sean and I were privileged to travel to Mwanza last week to take part in the East Africa Gospel meeting. On the way we stopped in the city of Babati to meet with eight of the local evangelists. Our purpose in meeting with them was to promote the Andrew Connally School of Preaching, encourage them, and hopefully in some small way, challenge them to a greater zeal and work in the Kingdom.

Our time at Mwanza was insightful, encouraging, and very edifying. With the presence of 60 evangelists from four different countries, preaching and teaching God’s Power, the results were amazing. I spoke with Isaac (the local evangelist) today and he gave me an update; two more souls obeyed today bringing the total to 12 souls being added to the Kingdom. Amen, yes, God is good all the time. Sean was given the opportunity to address the men of the good being done through the ACSOP. We handed out more packets of information and applications.

We then made our way to the southwest part of Kenya where we met Mike Reese and his team who had come to work with the Ahono congregation who were sponsoring a youth camp. The last word we received was that over 30 of the 200 plus youth had obeyed the Gospel. Amen, Amen, God is good all the time.

A long journey to be sure, but a most rewarding one. We thank our families who are always supportive in our absence and we thank you, our friends and supporters for your prayers, making all this possible.

The students are back. Jimmy, Christopher, Isaac, Sean and I are teaching and God continues to bless His work here in TZ. I close with much more to say, but I will close! We are praying God be with you all in your faithful service to Him and to all those He brings your way.

P.S. To all my friends, brothers, and sisters in Christ who are at the PTP lectureship, you are in our prayers and yes, I MISS NOT BEING THERE! :(

In Him, Cy, Stephanie, Granny and Caitlin

Posted on August 19, 2012 .