Local Christians Support Evangelism...

Greetings brothers and sisters in Christ! I hope all is well on your end of the world and that you continue to look to God as the source of all things, as we do here in Cambodia. Just wanted to share some information with you concerning the work of Christ here in Siem Reap and Cambodia. 

As the marriages die down and our staff are back from their 'honeymoons,' we have regrouped and are focused on the work in spreading the good news to lost souls. The past couple of weeks, Chann and some of the leaders and students of IBISR have been doing campaigns in and around Takam area. The local church funded the operations and we were able to meet new people and set up some bible studies along the way. It is a good thing to branch out that area since we have tapped out in Takam. We will also be going to Bos Kralanh and Kampong Klaang in the upcoming weeks to try and make some contacts as we plan to evangelize that area in the very near future. We will send our graduates to those areas in August so we want to get a head start and prepare the way for them. It will always be a joint effort with the staff and students and graduates to continue to help and support one anther in any way that we can. 

We ask that you continue to keep us and the work here in your prayers! Thanks for keeping up with us and continuing to support us. God bless you all!


Posted on June 3, 2012 .