Brother In Christ Goes Home...

Dear brethren,

I was not able to report on the Sunday, the19th of May, because where I was I could not have access to the internet service, and also on Sunday we did not have electricity in Busia. The Lord gave us safe travels from Busia to Nyahururu. Nyahururu town is where Thomson Falls is found in Kenya. It is a tourist town. The church was planted first in this area by brethren from Nyeri, a town near Mt. Kenya in 2004. But, in 2007 brother Thuku Simon was sent by the Koma Rock brethren from Nairobi to follow up with a man who had learned about the word of God through a Radio broadcast from U.S.A. Brother Thuku visited these man every Sunday for three years and later he decided to move there permanently when other people were converted. 

While there, we went door knocking on Saturday morning and many people heard the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. In the afternoon I was given a chance to teach two lessons at the Hippo Church of Christ. The name Hippo was given to that area as there are many Hippos. The natives say that at night they come out of river and walk around the area. I talked about the Church’s responsibility to their preacher and  the importance of the Old Testament to Christians today. 

On Monday morning we left Nyahururu heading to Busia. While on the way brother Samson Omutele, a preacher of Babadogo church of Christ in Nairobi, informed us by phone that brother Barclay Hacket had died in the morning. 

We arrived at home safely on the 21st of May 2012. On 24th May I and Margaret left Busia to attend Brother Hacket’s memorial service in Nairobi at the Nairobi church of Christ. After the memorial service, his body was taken back to the mortuary for his family to decide what to do with that body, as it was announced to the people who were at the memorial service. Later we learned that he had written a will that his body should be cremated, which surprised many African brethren. 

We left Nairobi with a night bus back to Busia. We arrived at around six and went straight the school as we had arranged a door knocking campaign in Sirere village. Paul, Edith and brother Christopher Ouma had made every thing ready. We went there with all students and all school faculty members. Margaret prepared us rice and beans which we carried in the truck. After our door knocking we sat down and ate our lunch and after that, I taught about the importance of the Old Testament to Christians today. I drew my lesson from the garden of Eden and the building of the tabernacle. I showed them how the people brought materials to build the tabernacle until Moses was informed that things were more than needed. In this lesson I encouraged the brethren to be participating very much in the building of the spiritual body of Christ the church. Once the church is truly in the area, that church will be able take care of their own needs as it was in Acts 2:41-47 and Acts 4:32ff. 

We have been privileged to have Ronald Roack from Alabama at our school. He had visited the churches of Christ in Kasese, Western Uganda. Brother Raymond Bwambale, who is now one of our instructors, asked him to come and be with us here for three days from the 28th to 31st of May 2012. His lessons were mostly for preachers. Our students and other preachers from the nearby churches have attended.

We have planned to have our Campaigns for Christ two times in a month on Saturdays. Through the school these churches have been planted, we need to continue watering on these people and the Lord will give the increase. Continue praying for us so that God may help us in this good work of His. 

Francis and Margaret, Paul, Susan, Edith

Posted on June 3, 2012 .