Safari For Souls Is About To Begin...

We hope and pray all is well with each of you. We continue to thank God for you and all you mean to His Church where you serve and for all you do around the world. We are a blessed people to be able to call you brothers, sisters, friends, and yes co-laborers in the work of the Kingdom.

What a furlough! We are back and so thankful for all the good that was accomplished while we were in the States presenting and reporting on God’s mission efforts here in Tanzania. We set out with four major objectives, all were met with a spirit of Love and a willingness to help. We thank each of you we met with and who hosted us in a way most undeserving. 

Stephanie, Granny and I were blessed to worship with the family of God at Arusha. Gary Fallis, who has been teaching at the ACSOP, was our guest teacher/preacher. He indeed blessed and encouraged God’s people with two powerful lessons. We were so encouraged to meet two new brothers in Chirst who obeyed the Gospel just last week. We regret we missed our brother Keith Kasarjian and his daughter who left a couple of days ahead of our return. Thank you Keith, , and Gary for joining us in the labor of love.

We are thankful for the return of the Hochdorf family who are staying with us while they wait on their container to arrive. We are blessed beyond measure in having them to return and join the team.

Prayers needed: We ask that you join us in praying for the family of Paul Ndwani who passed away a couple of weeks ago. Paul served as the Director of the Arusha Bible School for several years. He leaves behind two grown children, two small (elementary age) children, and his beloved wife.

We also ask for your prayers as we move toward the Safari for Souls campaigns. We anticipate a very busy year this year. We hope to conduct 10 or more different campaigns. We hope to distribute 1,000 Bibles to those we study with during these campaigns. Our first guests arrive next week, others in May, June, July through August. 

We close with a heart of gratitude for the life we live in Christ. We thank our God for each of you and invite you to join us here in Tanzania when you can.  

In Him, 
Cy, Stephanie & Granny

Posted on April 8, 2012 .