Plans For A Church In Mbu Bakundu...

Dearest in Christ,

Accept greetings from the staff, students and members of the Wotutu congregation here in Cameroon. We praise God for His great care over us all. We do hope you are enjoying that same care from the Lord where you are.

The picture to the right is sister Celestine obeyed the gospel. She lives not too far from the church hall, meaning that she listened to our morning program from our program Back to the Bible. This program is doing great things in Wotutu. While many will call my phone to say we criticize other denominations in our preaching, many also call to appreciate the work we are doing and give us the go ahead. Sister Celestine obeyed the gospel because of our program. Keep her in your prayers to grow so that even her husband and other family members will obey in the future.

Brother Ititi, sister Codeline, brother Namina, brother Nsong Nelson and brother Mulango Theophile were witnesses to our sister’s baptism.

The first week in this second quarter started well with all the students proving to do better in their studies. Some of them are not reporting well in health but God is in control. One of our student’s wife, who is staying here in Wotutu as the husband studies in CBIW, is sick and she is pregnant. Keep her in your prayers, brother Nicholas’ wife’s sister, Barbara.

Thanks for your prayers as I left the campus for four days to do some findings about the possibilities of establishing a new congregation inside the village of Mbu Bakundu.

Brother Maurice and I went inside the thick rain forest of Mbu bakundu village after staying there for four days sharing the gospel with many who are still backward in education. Some of the villagers carry food stuff on their heads to help us trace our way back. The gospel is for all, that is my belief and I am trying to see that happen in my ministry. Where motor bike and cars cannot penetrate, our legs can take us, trekking up and down the hills and going across rivers is what happened to us over the weekend. Keep the work in your prayers.

The villagers don’t have access to education and any social amenities light electricity, roads, hospital nor clinics. It is really a backward society, children who don’t even have cloths to keep warm, homes with no toilets, etc. you can name it. Oh, oh come and join us. Let us take the gospel to the community that will allow light to shine for many to see. No soul was added during the trip but it is a great and fertile land for the gospel if we follow up.

Thank you for the growth of the church here in Wotutu and other parts of Cameroon. You are doing your best to help us propagate the gospel to all. God bless you.


1) We plan to go to Mondoni village on the 19th to the 21st of April for a campaign, the entire staff and students of CBIW. Please keep this in your prayers.

2) Our program for a campaign to Batoke village is still pending.

3) My  plans to travel to the African claiming Africa for Christ conference in Zambia in August is still pending. If you can be of financial support to me then you will make my trip there possible.

Thanks for your prayers and support. Your actions keep the work going. Thanks and may God bless you. Do your best to share this report with others who may love to be part of this soul saving team. Thanks for helping us to keep robbing from the strong man’s house. Think souls.

Elangwe and family
By His grace director CBIW

Posted on April 8, 2012 .