Another Staff Member Marries In Cambodia...

Hello coworkers of Christ! As you can see I bunched the first, second, and third weeks of April together simply because the month of April to Cambodians is equivalent to the month of December to Americans. It is the main national holiday month and the new year for the Cambodian people. Therefore, the students and staff have been on vacation to meet with family and friends in their hometown. 

School will resume on Monday the 23rd and things will slowly get back to normal. I also had the chance to conduct another wedding for one of the staff of IBISR the past Wednesday! It was really good to show the villagers of where his bride lives, how Christians conduct the marriage ceremony. I used that opportunity to talk about the origin of marriages and God's plan for mankind. We pray that we can infiltrate that village with the gospel through Savay's new bride. 

Now the whole staff of IBISR are all married and grown up which will help in their preaching and teaching of the gospel because the society here respects those who are older and have families. We thank God for such blessings! We ask that you keep the work of Christ here in your prayers. Thanks for reading and see you next week!

p.s. My wife is 2 months pregnant!

To see Phanat's report with a picture from the wedding, click here.

Posted on April 22, 2012 .