An Empty Chair And Debates...

We returned to the Chimala Bible Institute with Brent Smith, a short course teacher and preacher from Trenton, Tennessee. We enjoyed the trip as we met Brent in Europe and flew to the capital and then early the next morning to Mbeya on the small plane. He and I are teaching the two undergraduate courses and then I will be teaching the graduate courses for our students.

We have been real busy since our return. The students are all looking forward to their summer break and the church work they will do around their villages in Tanzania and Malawi. Lai, one of our Swahili teachers, tells of a restoration this past Sunday at Chosi A. Boaz went with some students out last Sunday and 40 people attended and where Joshua preached with the students. There was a baptism and restoration. 

We were saddened that there was an empty chair in chapel Friday morning. Joseph Haonga had a serious wreck on a motorcycle the evening before returning from preaching a funeral. He will be fine, but we were all concerned. The roads we all travel with our students are dangerous and we need to be extra careful, but travel we all do. Every church that the teachers and students go to all have the same request, please return and teach us.

In Brent’s “Doctrine of the Godhead” classes this week the students got some special training. They prepared and delivered a debate on the “Work of the Holy Spirit.” The debate was taped and the students were able to even learn how they did by watching themselves. This is a problem in the denominations in the area and Brent’s second year class really did an excellent job in defending the truth. So yes, even though it is dangerous to travel, even though the trips are long we are grateful every day to be training these young men here at the Chimala Bible Institute.  

Garry L. Hill, Extension Coordinator
Dean: Chimala Bible Institute

Posted on April 22, 2012 .