Schools On The Grow...

Settling back into the routine can be challenging at times, especially after returning from an overseas trip. There has been so much developing within the Extension Program it is hard to keep up with who is going where and what is unfolding in development. Let me share a few new possibilities and provide a reminder of areas previous mentioned.

We continue to look at connecting with a number of congregations around the world in the fellowship of training men to preach. In the weeks and months ahead we are going to be discussing possibilities with a congregation in Monrovia, Liberia, along with several congregations in Nigeria. The plans are still being established and there are details that will need to be worked out, but the development of these areas looks very promising.

We are moving full speed ahead with the plans to work with the Ahono congregation in training men to preach in western Kenya. The eldership at Ahono, who oversee this congregation, will also oversee the preacher training program. The Bible Institute at Bear Valley, along side of the Charlotte Avenue Church of Christ in Rock Hill, North Carolina will be partnering with the Ahono congregation to prepare men for the great work of preaching the gospel.

We continue to pray for the work of the Sacramento congregation in Asunción, Paraguay. As we mentioned last week, these men are working out the details of everything involved to host a preacher training program. We are looking forward to the possibilities of such a program in South America.

There are always a few areas, a little more distant in the future, we are praying about and hope the Lord will open doors to make these opportunities a reality. We ask for you to keep praying for us to have the wisdom to know when to take the necessary steps to move in keeping with the will of our God.

Now on to the other reports...

Coordinator Updates
Reports from the coordinators are now located on the website, under Staff Reports. The address is /extension-schools/

Josh Austin’s monthly report can be read by clicking here.

Extension Reports 

Campaign Yields Much Fruit In Cameroon: Students returning from their campaigns in Cameroon bring reports of God giving the increase in great ways.

Preparations For The Third Class: The Uganda School of Evangelism is making preparations for the next enrollment.

VVBC Activities Show Growth: The report from the Visakha Valley Bible College shows the growth of the students and work in India.

Challenges In Honduras: The work of extension training has its challenges. This week’s report from Danli explains some of these challenges. 

Final Thoughts
Training men to preach is one exciting work. To see the powerful ways God is giving the increase to the kingdom efforts of so many around the world makes this even more exciting to report. What a blessing to work together as fellow laborers in our Lord’s kingdom.

Thank you for all you do to share in this effort. You are blessing. I pray you know how beneficial you are to the this effort and how much you are appreciated. We could not do it without you. Thanks!

God bless

Posted on April 1, 2012 .