Preparations For The Third Class...

Dear brethren,

It has been a busy Sunday. Today we worshiped at the Nandwa Church of Christ. The service was good. After the service we went to bury our brother Eridadi Makokha who passed away on Friday Morning. This brother was baptized last year in April while he was sick. He had a stroke which weakened his right hand side. He tried to walk two kilometers from his home to the church building in Nandwa Village for about eight months. He was too weak to walk to the service for about three months. The church has been sending a group of Christians every Sunday to worship with him. These past two weeks he was too weak even to partake the Lord's supper due to some sores which were in his mouth. We hope that the Lord will put him in the right place he deserves. Pray for his family. 

We remain with about 16 days to the opening of our third intake. The interviews will be on 12th of April 2012. The number we have is more than what we need for this intake. The brethren from Congo and Burundi still want to come, but as per now we have not received funds to bring them to school and help them get proper documents to stay in the Uganda. We still also need some funds to purchase mosquito nets, bedsheets and blankets and some new mattresses. May the Lord bless you all as you serve Him. 

Francis Wechesa

Posted on April 1, 2012 .