Graduation And An Incredible Two Year Report...

Dearest in Christ,

Greetings from your brothers and sisters in the Wotutu congregation. We do hope this report finds you healthy and sound in mind. It is a great thing for us to say thank you for all that you have done for us to make our ministry get to this level.

There were 17 students with their academic robs ready to graduate and to go into all the communities in our country to preach and teach and save souls. We have confidence in them because we know what we have transplanted into them. The knowledge and zeal is there and the place to start serving is there. Keep them in your prayers as they go ahead to dismantle the strong hold of denominationalism and rob from the strong man’s house.

This will surely be the last report from us for this year 2012. God was with us to help and direct our steps for all that He has entrusted in our hands. Thanks for your prayers and support. It really help us achieved most of our dreams.

As I write this mail, all the students of CBIW, now graduates, are all off from the campus after the graduation ceremony on the 20th of December. The coordinator, brother Josh Austin, who was here for three weeks, left Cameroon and is now safe and sound in Arizona.

I was able to give my graduation speech to the great population that came to Wotutu. It was a great day in the life of the church here and also for the life of CBIW, graduating the first batch with great confidence.

Brother Josh, the coordinator, gave files from the Bear Valley Bible Institute, the school that gave us affiliation. We pray for them for the great opportunity to train men to preach the gospel. God will bless them and help them in all their dreams.

Brother Josh addressed the entire population, appreciating them for their time and concern for CBIW and their love for the Church and Christ. The great crowd that came out showed the level of love that Cameroonians are appreciating the work of CBIW.

The day was a day that has gone down to history, because they are the first class to graduate. On the other hand, the second class of 26 students was also matriculating to start studying on January 2 2013. Most of them are married. Keep them in your prayers.

Many came for the ceremony, congregations of the Lord’s church, families and relatives came in their number to witness the event and also to enjoy fellowship with us. A total of 1322 people attended. It was a history making event in the life of the Church of Christ in Cameroon. Keep this work in your prayers because it is creating lots of influence in the country.

It was not easy to get all the students for a family picture after the ceremony because of the crowd and excitement. Try to picture what happen. We love our students and promised to always stand with them to accomplish their ministries in the locations in which they have already been involved in full time evangelistic work. They already have an ex-student union now to help develop their work. They left CBIW with the spirit of evangelism as our motto is Evangelism is our mission, and our mission is evangelism. Thanks for your support. We pray we will continue to work for the Lord to accomplish many.

My wife, even though not fully sound in health after having our new baby boy, struggled to be on the stage to appreciate the students as she was also handing out working tools to all the students. The graduating students received a copy of Vine’s and a Dickson’s Teachers Bible, while all the matriculating students received a Webster’s thesaurus. We thank all those who donated those great tools to these evangelists.

I was also able to give an award to the most evangelistic student, Tobias Sakwe. Keep all of them in your prayers as they are all ready to evangelize Cameroon for Jesus.

Our Progress Since the Establishment of CBIW
In 2011 our students commenced classes on the 4th of January with 22 students. Some were dismissed because of their life styles and one died.

The Lord took us with them far and near as we search for the lost souls. 226 souls were added in the Lord’s congregations in many parts of Cameroon, while the Lord restored 170.

In 2012 the Lord added 212 souls into His congregations all over Cameroon and 132 souls were restored.

A total of 438 souls were added into the congregations all over Cameroon during these two years of CBIW. While a total of 302 fall away souls came back to the Lord.

A total of 8 congregations were established and revived. Our students are stationed now in these congregations to provoke growth. Keep the work in your prayers. We can do more now that we have soldiers already trained and ready to evangelize the country. Please, we call on you to come and let us do this great work in Cameroon.

We shall continue to evangelize the entire country, as some of our students in this new batch are French speaking. We do not have space in the dormitory, because even as of now some who were not among the successful ones during the entrance are still pleading for us to give them opportunity to come and be trained.

We plan to go to virgin lands to expose the gospel and help many come out from pagan practices. This is a demand from many, calling on us to come to their communities and help. Please, just as Jesus said, the gravest in ripe but the laborers are few. Please come and let us join together to work for the Lord.

The Lord added a soul on the eve of our graduation. Sister Naomi Ewoh, who came to witness the graduation of her uncle, obeyed the gospel in the night. No camera was to get the picture. Keep her in your prayers to work according to her calling.

1) God, we thank you for all that you did to CBIW for two years.

2) We thank you for all your prayers and financial support to keep CBIW running smoothly. If not for you we do not know what would have happened to this dream.

3) Thank you. We say thank you. We do not know what we can use to appreciate you, but we say thank you and God bless you and keep you for His service.

1) Please continue to pray for us. Your prayers are very effective to our growth in Christ and our work.

2) Please continue to stand with us and do more as we plan to do more for the kingdom this coming session.

3) Do your best to tell others about this work. God bless you as you do so.

I wait to read your reactions about this work.

Stay safe in Christ and remain blessed.

Elangwe and family
By His grace director of CBIW

Posted on December 23, 2012 .