Plans For Change In 2013...

This has been an exciting week. Reading through the reports creates such a feeling of enthusiasm for the work in the Lord’s kingdom. Reading about the development of men to preach the gospel, coupled with learning about the influence they have while they are in school in bringing others to the Lord, is worth getting excited about.

We are drawing closer to the end of the year and we are looking ahead with great anticipation to what the new year will bring in the work of training men to preach. We are thankful for God’s providential care and guidance as we strive to fulfill the work He has given us to fulfill. As we address needed areas of change and development we will also need your help. Please pray for us and consider how you can help get involved in this incredible work.

One of the changes we are developing over the next year involves plans to implement what we believe will benefit the work in Central America. We are planning to combine the Bible Institute of Honduras (IBH) with the Theological Institute of LatinAmerica (ITL) in Guatemala. We will finish training the current class in Danlí while, at the same time, recruiting students who will apply for training in Guatemala City. This change is explained in further detail in Donnie Bates’ report below.

Other changes are planned and we will share the news of these developments as we move through the months ahead. 

Now on to the other reports...

Coordinator Updates
Reports from the coordinators are now located on the website, under Staff Reports. The address is /extension-schools/

Donnie Bates’ report is located here.

Extension Reports 

One Last Campaign By The Alpha Class: Souls are added in Cameroon as the Alpha class goes on one last campaign before graduation.

The Need In Burkina Faso And Growth In Ghana: There is a need for preachers in Burkina Faso and the work is growing as 12 are added to the kingdom in Ghana.

Adding To The Kingdom In Togo: The work continues to grow in Togo as more are added to the kingdom. 

Final Thoughts
Thank you for taking time this week to read through the reports. It may be that you are focusing on one location of the work or perhaps you read all of them. Either way, your time is appreciated. This work involves many individuals and congregations to be successful and without each of you it could not function properly. Thank you for all you do.

God bless

Posted on December 16, 2012 .