Graduation And Recruitment At The WCSOP...

Greeting from the West Coast School of Preaching. I am thankful to God to be able to sit and write the report today. The past couple of weeks has not been easy for me. I thank God for His mercies and kindness. 

Recruitment At West Coast
We now have 12 students for the first year class. In view of the fact that we shall not enroll students next year, we are encouraging some who have shown interest to enroll now. We shall keep our doors open until the end of this term. All those who enroll after the fourth week of the term will be required to take the first term course after they complete the two year program. 

The graduation this year had the largest attendance in the history of the school with brethren and friends coming from seven of the ten Regions of Ghana: Western, Eastern Central, Greater Accra, Brong Ahafo, Northern and Upper East Regions. Six men who had completed the two-year program of study at West Coast were presented with certificates from the Bear Valley Bible Institute of Denver; two who had fulfilled the requirements for the bachelor’s degree of Bear Valley were also honored; and six men received the Bear Valley master’s degrees.

Various individuals supported the graduation with food and drinks and there was much to go round for all our guests to enjoy the day. The next day was a thanksgiving service at the campus church at which the service was conducted by the graduates. This year’s service was not as fully attended as last year’s.

We are grateful to all who helped and prayed for us to be able to do what we did on the 12th graduation of the West Coast School. 

The Annual Seminar for Preachers and Church Leaders which had not been held for well over five years was held on November 12-15. This was done against many odds. The venue for the seminar was in a run-down state. It took much cleaning and fixing of nets and broken down electrical fittings to get sleeping places, kitchen and classrooms for the use of seminar participants. There were about 100 in attendance as compared to 300 plus formerly. Some had given up on the seminar because of the long break. Many who normally took their annual leave at seminar time to be able to attend had already taken their vacation and some already had other events scheduled for the time of the seminar. 

Speakers and subjects were as follows:

Toby Soechting – Elderships And The Lord’s Church In Ghana

Mike Dickison – The Church

Scott Ellis -  Deacons

Brandon Johnson -- Preaching

Daniel Ampadu-Asiamah – Ensuring Cohesiveness Among Brethren

Each speaker presented seven lessons on his subject. 

Final Weeks of School Term          
After the hectic two-week events, we have a recess from November 19-24. After that we shall have two weeks of classes to complete the first term of school. This will be followed by two weeks of short courses in Personal Evangelism and Geography of the Bible for the Junior Class, and How We Got The Bible and Marriage and the Family for the Senior Class.  The term ends December 21, 2012. 

I have been sick lately with a hip and muscle problem in both thighs and legs. Sitting down increases the pain, and standing after sitting makes walking a painful ordeal. All through the graduation and the seminar I was limping and in pain as I tried to move from place to place. As of Saturday, I became a bit better but I still walk with some pain in the hip. As if that was not enough, Ruth and I returned from church Sunday morning to find that our house had been broken into and items like my Compaq laptop, Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus, mobile phones (including an iPhone 4G my daughter sent to me from the UK recently), NOW BIBLE (an electronic Bible that looks like a mobile phone) a SONY digital camera (on which I have pictures of recent school events), and $400 given by brother Toby on their departure had all been taken away. The main door was damaged and three rooms that were locked were broken into, damaging the locks.  We have had the main door replaced and new  locks fixed. The theft took place while most of our neighbors were out to church. The style of entry and operation was similar to what happened four years ago, only they used a different door. We are grateful this did not occur while our American brethren were staying at our house. Thankfully, we have overcome our shock and with the broken door fixed, and new locks mounted, we are able to go on with life. Ruth has been very supportive through all these and I thank God for her. Pray for us.

In about the time you read from me again, Ghana may have elected a new president and parliamentarians. Tension in the country grows as December 7, 2012, when voting takes place, draws nearer. Political party leaders call for peace daily. There is an uneasy peace. Whatever the outcome, brethren, pray for us.

Daniel K Ampadu-Asiamah

Posted on November 25, 2012 .