Classes Move Along Well In Kenya...

My dear brethren,

I pray this finds you doing great, I also trust everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving day. We have many things to be thankful to God for in this life, but I take this opportunity to thank you all for entrusting me with the souls of the these 20 men, their families and all those they will impact when they are out of the school. Also, thank you for entrusting me with the money and for the encouragements. So far, I believe everyone has done his part well especially on your part, I appreciate. On my part, every day has been a challenge and full of learning and I have been up to the task and pray that you will continue giving me undivided attention to  make this school better every moment. Mike Reese, thank you for keeping me alert.

The class came to an end on Friday the 23rd. We thank God all 20 students sat for all seven courses that were taught by four teachers. Some students are still winding up with the research papers and we are here to help. All the students agree that the school came at the right time. We have received very good compliments from majority of them on the work being done. The ones that have traveled are each taking back to their congregations the KSOP student application form for the next intake and also to create more awareness.

The first short course was taught by Obadiah Omutele on "Personal Evangelism" while the second was taught by George Ong'ondo - "The New Testament Church." All the teachers were up to the challenge and did wonderful work.

The next class begins next year January 7th, 2013. We expect the students to begin arriving from the 4th to 5th January.

I and Elias now must move with our families to Kisumu this December and settle down. We have to get good houses and schools for our children. If not they will keep staying away from us. Keep these in your prayers for it will help us to fully concentrate on the school and the work.

Elias visited a congregation where one of our student comes from last Sunday 18th. The student invited us to go and speak to the ladies meeting in his home congregation and help them know they are sinning by having authority over men. In the ladies meeting there Elias led the worship service and most of these women hand clap and lead worship services where they came from (liberal congregations) and Elias took the opportunity to condemn those errors. Some ladies later told Elias they have not known its against the Bible.

We look forward to hearing from you and meeting you in February.

It has been great working with you all, god bless the work you do.

Charles Ogutu

On the left is a picture of the new lockers being built for the students.


Posted on November 25, 2012 .