A Week To Be Thankful...

Since this Thursday is the time when the U.S. celebrates the Thanksgiving holiday, I want to focus on two specific areas for which I am thankful. The first is the stateside men who are involved as coordinators and short course instructors with each of the extension locations. Coordinators carry a great load within the program as they are working as a liaison for congregations who are involved in the financial support of the work and the directors on the ground who work to make sure students are receiving what they need, as well as the Bear Valley Bible Institute in Denver.

These men work to ensure the curriculum is being followed, needs are provided, short course teachers are scheduled (and that these men have all the information they need), take a hands on approach to teaching short courses themselves, and, at the same time, sharing reports with everyone who is interested in the program. Their work is not an easy task when considering the trips they make, time away from family, domestic travel for reporting, and communication levels that must be maintained. I am thankful for each of these men and their love for training preachers.

Connected with the coordinators for the program are the short course teachers. While it is true that one of the responsibilities of the coordinator is to teach short courses, the majority of these classes are taught by men who are preaching for congregations around the U.S. These men use their own funds to cover their travel expenses, plus they give of their time in preparation for and presenting the class material they will be teaching. I am thankful for men like these who are dedicated to doing whatever they can to help train others to preach the gospel. 

Second, I want to express my appreciation to each of the financial supporters who are involved in this work. The financial responsibility of 18 different schools around the world requires a large amount of money to operate successfully. This responsibility is being met by individuals, couples, and congregations throughout the U.S. who are willing to make incredible sacrifices to meet the daily, weekly and monthly needs of the program. Without their dedication to the work and godly generosity, the program would still be a dream.

Thank you!!! I pray you will all enjoy a wonderful holiday time with family.

Now on to the other reports...

Coordinator Updates
Reports from the coordinators are now located on the website, under Staff Reports. The address is /extension-schools/

Donnie Bates’ report is located here.

Extension Reports 

Being One In Christ: As the quarter draws to an end and the church in Wotutu experiences growth, the subject everyone needs is one on unity with the Savior.

Youth Camps Succeed In Nepal: Recent youth camps have provided opportunity for teaching and several have obeyed the gospel.

Who Is A Christian? This notable subject is one being preached and discussed in Uganda as well as in other parts of the world.

Water Of Life Raft Shares The True Water Of Life: Two graduates in Cambodia are now living on and providing pure water to residents with the hope of sharing Christ.

Back To Class And Evangelism: Tony Johnson has returned to Ghana and the next quarter of classes has started, along with reports on student evangelism.

Barack And Victoria Obey The Gospel: The news is exciting from Arusha as a couple obey the gospel being added to the body of Christ.

Bats In The Belfry? Some reports are worth reading just to know what might be happening in the attic. This is no exception. 

Final Thoughts
As we close this week’s report, my prayer is that God will bless you for the gift of your time, money and ability toward Extension training. This work needs you! As well, I want you to know how much you are appreciated. I pray for you each day and know that God is working through you to accomplish His will. 

God bless

Posted on November 18, 2012 .