Youth Camps Succeed In Nepal...

Respected brothers and sisters in Christ,

Greetings to you all in the precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. May the grace of God, love and peace always be with all of you. It is a good time to write about some school activities from Nepal Center for Biblical Study to well known brothers and sisters in Christ who love Nepal and Nepali Christians. I do hope that you will accept my few words. 

Guest teachers:
We are blessed by the almighty God in His kingdom at Nepal. October was a busy and encouraging month for our school. Brother Jerry Bates, editor of Voice of Truth International, visited our school for five days. He taught us from the Gospel of John. His wife Paula Bates encouraged our sisters in Christ for two days. Soon after their departure, brother Mike Brooks from the Highland Park Church of Christ taught from the book of Hebrew for four days. Selected preachers were invited from the Himalayan area. Classes were a benefit for all. We all are blessed to have guest teachers from United States. We are thankful for their time and labor. 

Holiday and Christian Youth camp:
Our five weeks of holiday began on October 13, 2012. One week later we had the Christian Youth Fellowship program for four days. We had classes from Monday through Thursday. Our youth participants were from Kathmandu, East Nepal, Makwanpur, Rasuwa, Dhading and Tanahu. Brother Jerry, Deepak, Parsuram, Stan, Surya, Dev, Bharat, and Suka were the teachers. We studied from the Gospel of Mark. Our theme from that book was “we are servant of Christ." Morning and evening devotions were conducted by invited youth brothers. There was a discussion class after the evening devotion. We had game hours every day after lunch. We had special program on the last day of our camp. We arranged a picnic out of the school building. We went to Godavari, Botanical garden. We had Bible class and baptism program. Twelve souls were baptized in the Lord on that day. Youth camp of this year was an encouragement to all. We would like to continue in coming year. 

Vacation trip:
I made my vacation trip to visit our graduated students and our present student’s at their home congregations. 

November 2nd of 2012 - I traveled from the school toward Lal Bandhi village of Saralaihi District where we have present students Ramesh Majhi and Ranjeet Majhi. The wife of Ranjeet Majhi was baptized in our youth camp. Now we have three souls in that new place. The Lord's Church will begin from these souls. Brother Bharat Rayamajhi, one of our graduated students from East Nepal, joined us for Bible study in that place. We did short devotions every evening.

November 3rd of 2012 - We conducted a Bible study with the help of Ramesh and Ranjeet Majhi. Most participants in that meeting were non-Christians. We had a good opportunity to share the gospel with the lost. People are positive toward Christianity. There are also some obstacles from their social culture and other religious backgrounds. Please kindly remember them in your regular prayers. 

November 4th of 2012 - We did morning worship service at the home of Brother Ramesh Majhi. We dismissed from Lalbandhi after lunch. Bharat Rayamajhi went to his home town and I traveled back toward Manahari village of Makwanpur district which is almost 4 hours bus travel. Brother Suka Bahadur, Jeet and our present student, Ezekiel, were waiting for me at Manahari Bus Park. Then we all walked toward brother Ezekiel's home through banks of Manahari River. We did evening worship service at his house. 

November 5th of 2012 - We woke up early the next morning and began to walk toward Maishirang congregation where our graduate student, Dev Kumar Chepang, is working. We reached there at 9 a.m. They were having a quarterly Bible study with their surrounding congregations. They were studying the book of Philippians at my visit. I had opportunity to share lessons from that book. There were four hours of Bible study in that congregation. Two souls were baptized on that day. We encouraged several houses after baptism program. 

November 6th of 2012 - We began our walking journey from Dev's house toward Silinge where Jeet, Suka, Uday and other Christian brothers are closely working together for the Lord. Five hours were taken for us to reach brother Suka's house. We traveled by local bus and crossed the Lother River fifteen times. We reached Suka's house at 2 p.m. and took rest on that day. 

November 7th of 2012 - After having breakfast and morning devotion with Suka's family, we moved toward Silinge congregation and Jeet's home. We reached it at 1 p.m. We did an evening Bible study with the young people. 

November 8th of 2012 - We had three hours of Bible study on the Plan Of Salvation. People were excited to learn and have discussion on the Biblical topics. After lunch there was a baptism program. So, we moved toward Khankharee village which is located at river side. It is 45 minutes walking distance from Silinge. We had a one hour Bible study at Khankharee Church building. Then, seven souls were added in to the Lord on that day. Please kindly remember all of those new souls in your family prayers. We stayed at the home of Preacher Jatna Lal Praja. We did a night devotion with their local members. It was a busy day for us. We are happy to be a part of Dev, Jeet and Suka's congregations. We are proud of their work. They are closely working together for the glory of God in His kingdom. 

November 9th of 2012 - We left Silinge and Khankharee then traveled toward Chandra Parkas' home. Dev traveled back toward his home. Brother Chandra Parkas was waiting for me at the bus station. Brother Ramesh Majhi joined with me at Narayanghad. We all went together to his house. We traveled one hour by local van and walked one hour by hill side. We did a short devotion and rested that night. 

November 10th of 2012 - We had three hours of Bible study at Tanahu. 

November 11th of 2012 - We returned back to Kathmandu and did worship service at the school building.

New class:  Our new classes will begin from 19th of November, 2012. 

Purpose of the visit:
To have Bible study, to save lost souls, encourage and mature the members.
To encourage and strengthen our graduated and present student's home congregations.
Recruiting new students for next years classes.
To find out their problems and Church needs.
To build fellowship with congregation and school.


Needs of the Church:
Song books
Church building construction 

Thank you for your kind prayers and help toward Nepal Center for Biblical study.

Servant of Christ

Gajendra Deshar
Nepal Center for Biblical Study
Kathmandu, Nepal
P.O.Box. 25999

Posted on November 18, 2012 .