Weekend Evangelism Produces Fruit In Liberia...

Greetings come to all those who support Liberia Bible College though prayers and financial assistance.

Liberia Bible College has the total enrollment of 15 students, 7 of whom are residential students. The other 8 students are day students, who commute weekly to and from school. Two of the students are Nigerian brethren while the 13 are Liberian brethren.

The Bible College Building which has undergone massive renovation is about 90% complete, with few outstanding things to be done which include procuring and installing two additional toilets, enclosing the campus with concrete a fence, and constructing a kitchen for cooking purpose.

On October 27th, the director of the Bible School was blessed to help with the work of our brothers and sisters meeting at the Gardnersville Church of Christ. I presented a lesson on the Preparation and Presentation of Sermon and Pulpit Management. Another instructor spoke on the Role of Women in the Church. Fifty-six members were in attendance.

On October 29th, the Bible College was blessed with the visit of two brethren from the Madison Church of Christ in Alabama who conducted a one day workshop on Leadership and The Christian Home. Both brethren work on the Mission’s Committee of the said congregation. Sixty local preachers and leaders joined the students in this seminar.


Boarding students of LBC participate in weekend evangelism during each week as part of their outreach program.

During the first week of October our students engaged in community evangelism. They worked with local congregations both in Monrovia and outside in the areas of teaching Bible Classes, visiting backsliders. Through that exercise four persons were restored. The students also enrolled people in the Bible Correspondence Course.

During week two our ministerial students were involved in personal evangelism and worship activities at local congregations. One of them, Harris Kolleh, presented Bible lessons on worship on a local radio station. The radio program is aired in Kakata by the Kakata Church of Christ, where student Harris is serving as associate to the minister. The students also got involved in visitation.

Week three saw the boarding students involved in personal evangelism at various local congregations. They actively participated in Sunday Bible teaching, spoke on local radio station, and visited backsliders which resulted in three restorations.

Finally in week four of October, four of our residential students participated in field work at the High Way Church of Christ. Their efforts resulted into three baptisms on October 24th.


  1. To establish the World Bible School correspondence course as an integral component of the evangelism program, where students will actively participate in enrollment exercise. 
  2. To complete instruction for the First Term and administer final evaluation of students for the term. 

To conclude, we thank our brother from Texas and others for their continued support of the Liberia Bible College.


To see the report with pictures, please click here.

Posted on November 11, 2012 .