Graduation Is Coming...

Dear brethren,

We are doing fine here in Uganda. We thank you very much for your support. Through this support many souls have been saved which would not if you had not be supporting this work.

The Uganda School of Evangelism is going on well. We are in our last quarter, as you know. Students are just now thinking of going home, as we are just remaining with seven weeks to graduation. On the 12th of January, I left Busia going to Kasese (580 klm in Western Uganda for a gospel campaign which the brethren had planed). I taught on the 13th and 14th. I taught about (1) Bible Authority, (2) Church leadership and (3) The church's responsibility to the preacher. 

The church has been in this area since 1997 and no the church has the right leaders, and also no church is supporting their preacher, even with a kilo of maize flour. I left in the evening and  arrived in Kampala at night and I had to stay there for a night. 20 souls were added to the church on Saturday. The meeting ended today and many were expected to be baptized. Today, 15th January, I worshiped with Mbuya church of Christ in Kampala. The brethren gave me a chance to preach. I taught one of the lessons. I had taught in Kasese, "The church's responsibility to the preacher." The brethren saw where they have failed and asked God to help them change for the best this year.


(1) Buy 12 more gowns at @ $21 per gown that is  $252.

(2) Graduation Cake at $67

(3) Meals for about 300 people $313

(4) Purchase of 100 plastic chairs $750

(5) Hiring 150 more chairs and decorating the place $81

(6) A new Concordance as a gift to the best student and any other good books that can help them in work of preaching.

(7) New English Bibles to the best three students in English class. I have Swahili Bibles for Swahili Class.

(8) $100 for buying paint our kitchen and other places that might need painting.

(9) If we can get drip irrigation kits we can give them.

(10) Brother Glen Addison had promised goats to be given to the students. It would be better if this money comes before graduation so that we can start going to the market place to purchase them. May the Lord bless you as you serve Him. Hope to read from you. 

Francis Wechesa

Posted on January 15, 2012 .