Graduate Reports Show Fruitful Work...

Greetings Fellow Workers,

We pray your new year has been blessed with a great start. God is truly blessing your efforts here in Tanzania. I received word that one soul obeyed the Good News at Kioga. Joseph obeyed the Gospel at Arusha today and another restored. Yes, we are blessed by a God Who is able when we are willing. Below are three brief reports from three of our graduates: 

“...I will have to check with other ACSOP graduates to know what they have done but on my side we have 4 new congregations in 2011, Nyahururu, Masat, Sengera and Marega. God bless you and the work. Charles Ogutu

I thank God because the church of MANYIRE is growing well Spiritual, and in number, right now we have 45, but not all of them attend the worship. Last year (2011) we have 19 baptized and we thank God for that, also 2 of those who had fallen away, they have repented and came back to the church. Jackson Andrea”

“...I have been working very much to see that the Gospel is spread and indeed it is. We have preached and converted many people but yesterday was another day that the Lord made for us. Compared to that of converting a pentecostal denomination at Kahiza, where by we did baptize 13 people in one day. Up to now I am still very much happy for these souls. Rymon Mwero”

Stephanie, granny and I leave Tanzania this Wednesday, arriving in the States on Thursday (if the Lord wills). Our calendar is just about full, but there are still a couple of openings if you or someone you know, would like to hear a report on God’s Missions Efforts in East Africa. If so, you can reach me after the 19th at 601-310-6170.

We already have two groups/campaigns planned for 2012. One at the end of May and the other the third week of June. If you are interested in joining us this year and would like to join one of these teams, drop me a note and we will put you in touch with the team leaders.

We close this Short Report with a thank you, a thank you to all who have sacrificed on our personal behalf, making it possible for us to be here in TZ doing God’s will. We look forward to seeing many of you in the coming weeks. And yes, we are very excited about seeing our seven month old grand daughter, Hadleigh for the first time. May our God bless you all richly in the year to come.

In Him, Cy, Stephanie & Granny

Posted on January 15, 2012 .