Cameroon Prepares For Campaigns...

Dearest in Christ,

Accept greetings from your brethren here. The students, staff and members of the Wotutu congregation send greetings to you and your family in Jesus name. I do hope you are doing great in your services to the Lord.

God is helping us meet up with our program. The last week of the third quarter in CBIW went on well, we give glory to God for all He had been doing to us and the work we are doing in His vineyard.

Minister Awum Nicholoas, my advisor, was invited to come to CBIW from Kumba, about 80 kilometers from Wotutu, to lecture part of the Prison Epistles as a short course. He did well as he had once been a lecturer in a Bible College. Awum Nicholas checked on students as they were taking notes. Brother Awum stayed in Wotutu for one week teaching in the school. He left and is back home safe and sound. Keep the old minister in your prayers for his zeal to serve even at this age in Africa still moving around for evangelism.

As I am writing you this mail, all our students left campus for campaign into different congregations for mission work. All have called to relate information to me about their safe trip to their various destinations. May God be praised. Some of them travel 4 hours in water to get to a village which a sister is demanding the school to go and help establish a congregation here. Keep them in your prayers.

Brother Tobias, as student of CBIW taught prospects very close to the Wotutu church hall the Bible on house to house evangelism. Please keep this effort in your prayers that we shall plant and continue to water for God to give the increase.

Brother Ititi Benedict took a snap shot with a prospect in Wotutu village. Evangelism is our mission and our mission is evangelism, that is a strong force that drives our students to work even though the work load was too much for them to go through their short courses and also to reach out to souls, all is because we THINK SOULS and we are having the vision to always rob from the strong man’s house. Please help us with your prayers to accomplish all this. 

More evangelistic programs as we approach the dry season, but many things are still to be put in place, like a public address system, generator and an evangelistic van. 

Many thanks to God for His care and love over us. God is the pillar that supports us through you.

I thank you for all your support to see that CBIW stands firm no the solid rock of the gospel to train men to preach the gospel in many places under heaven. Please let us know that to which more is given, more is expected. We have the strong desire to do more for the Lord in this country. Please continue to stand with us for the glory to our King.

The students will finish the campaign and move straight to their homes to spend one week with their families and they shall return on campus on the 18th September 2011 before 6 pm and we shall start the last quarter for this year on the 19th September.

To this effect I will not send a weekly report until the 18th of September where I will report the details of the campaign.

Thanks very much for loving the work here in Wotutu, Cameroon. God will watch over you until then. 

Elangwe and family
By His grace, Director CBIW

Posted on September 4, 2011 .